Respect 101

My former boss, Sir Wawa, once told me, respect is something you’ve to earn, it’s not something you force people around you to do. I totally agree but I realized, respect is something you have to learn as well. If you can’t have it, at least try your best to know it and give it, who knows it’s the only thing you need for you to have it in return.

This act might appear somewhat big but a lot of times, it manifests on the simplest of things, take the following examples:

1. Respect for the things you no longer have.

Yes, it’s not easy to totally let go of the things you are accustomed to but you’ve to accept the fact that once you’ve decided to throw it away, someone or somebody else will pick it up and own it and perhaps, put more value to it than what you are capable of doing. Lesson, think a hundred times first before you decide to leave, and stop coming back for it. You left it, forget about it. After all, it’s you who wanted it.

2. Respect for somebody else’s feelings.

Not because you want to prove something about yourself, you have to do anything and everything even if it will cause a strain to other people’s happiness or peace. You still want to test the waters, fine. But what does it say about you?

3. Respect for yourself.

Look at you after what you’ve done. Did you get what you’ve come back for? Did it make you happy? Like what Sir Wawa said, you’ve to earn it and what better way to do it than respecting yourself first.