What a Sip of Your Favorite Cup of Coffee Can Do

StarBucks Iloilo

(Planner Entry dated April 12, 2011)

After almost three months of staying here in Iloilo, I’ve to admit there are a lot of things I miss like having my favorite Venti Hot Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle. It has been my faithful buddy during toxic times and it reminds me of my precious friends and those touching moments we’ve shared on and off work hours.

I miss it when Lola Erwin Verdejo and I would stay in the office until 5am in preparation for an event. I miss it when Crea Claudio and I have new office buddies to bully, I mean to entertain and to just try to know well :p I miss it after every lunch-out and meeting when we were asked to have either dessert or coffee. I miss it whenever there are some issues to deal with, personally or professionally. I miss how it has become a venue to patch grudges or misunderstandings with an officemate. I miss how it gained me new friends during taste tests and other new promo stints. I miss how a Starbucks planner given with love (Thanks again, Ms. Tricia) can mean the whole world to me.

I think I just miss it primarily because it makes me feel I’m home and it reminds me of people I consider my family – my former office buddies.

Now that it’s finally here, I can’t help but become nostalgic. Chris and I were supposed to do our usual family day – pig out, do some grocery stuff, etc. – but when we saw it already open, pfttt … we’re there in an instant lining up to have our favorite coffee and we just stayed there for hours enjoying every second of it!

I’m surprised with the new look of the cup but the rest remain the same. The friendly atmosphere and of course, the homey feel! The place was also perfectly and nicely designed that Ilonggos flocked the place in no time.

Our family day had a new twist today. Instead of just sipping coffee at home reading newspaper, we did it there and we also happened to discover and appreciate Mango Magazine and discussed some articles we’ve read there. Now this is an interesting day and this I know promises more interesting days (and more interesting reads and people) ahead. I’m just so happy to have found my second home again.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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