Rare Application Tip

I just got back in the Metro and no matter what angle I look at, the future looks bleak for me.

Six months ago, I traded my career and my life here for something that was my ultimate dream as a person.

Six months after, that dream didn’t materialize and I thought I can still go back where I left off. The thing is, there is no U-turn in life. One has to start from scratch – no job, no place of my own.  No everything. Just the courage to face this life anew and the hope that things will be better and everything will be okay.

I thought I already had a chance with the first company I tried my luck with. I walked in, passed the first interview, took the exam and then interview with the Sales Director all in half a day – a sign I thought to be the break I’m praying for. But things didn’t turn out the way I was expecting it. I was devastated after talking with the Sales Director.

He said my qualifications didn’t match their requirements and they already hired a lot of people the past weeks. He said I’m already late. And then he asked me If I have questions. I said yes. What are those jobs you think I’m not qualified for? And then he explained. And I told him my experience in those things. And then he asked if I’ve other questions. Yes, I said. Is there any chance you would re-consider? and he said No. That was so heart-breaking.

Instead of riding a cab, I walked that J. Vargas St. to San Miguel Ave. with a blank look and with a pace I didn’t notice. I can’t even remember how I got home. I need to have work. I need something to occupy my mind.

At home, I realized I still have the Visitor’s Pass ID of that company and shoot, I’ve to go back so I can have my ID in return. I seriously don’t want to because I’m afraid I might see the Director again and I’m so embarrassed with my questions. I feel like I made myself look so desperate but I really am desperate.

I prayed and then I lifted everything to God and just entrusted Him with everything. Your will be done, Lord, I said.

When I was preparing the following morning, I was planning where to go next after returning it. Should I apply to the other companies in that building? Or should I just proceed to have my NBI clearance processed? I might as well just do both.

When the guard of the building saw me, I’m shocked he recognized me. Hired na po kayo, Ma’am? Magsosoli lang po ng ID, I said.

I looked for the floor number of the other FMCG company in that building before going to their floor. After returning the visitor’s pass, I went to the other floor and submitted my resume. When I think I already served my purpose, I went downstairs and start hailing for a cab.

Minutes passed and there’s no cab coming. And then somebody waved for me to come over. I’m not sure if it was really me he’s waving at so I didn’t bother. Seconds later, shoot, it was the Sales Director beside me.

He asked, Tinawagan ka na ba nila? I endorsed you to HR for the In-Store Trade Activations Specialist position. It’s field sales also and you will handle GMA area. I’m not sure if he’s really talking to me and I only uttered Po? Thank you. He’s surprised I wasn’t aware yet I was there in their building and then I told him I went there just to return the pass I carried with me home. And then he offered to accompany me to the HR and told me about the offer.

Wow, I immediately thanked and praised God. He is so good only He can do something like that.

Tip: Take home your Visitor’s Pass ID. You’ll never know what returning that the following day could bring you 🙂


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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