Do Not Just Repair when You Can Reborn

Ang winner ng lines on this new CreamSilk commercial. I was on my way to have my medical exam when I heard these lines:

Everyone makes mistakes

Do things they regret

But you don’t have to feel sorry…

You can start over.

These words really caught my attention. Oh well, it may be just me but they have a point. I’ll give them a big check for this 🙂

Well, you see, whoever the copywriter of this ad is, he was able to connect hair problem to life in general. And for someone who is emotionally sensitive these days like I do, even the littlest of things seem to have a deeper meaning – even that commercial with Heart, Sam and Toni. Haha.

Okay, Repair vs. Reborn (not in reference to the hair thing – i’ll try to be deep on this one, choz).

When we try to repair things, we’re just trying to turn it back to its normal state. As what they say, we can’t fix something that is not broken. So for us to repair something, there must be something wrong with it first before we correct it. And then we’ll try all our best just to bring it to its good condition but we know better than that. Once it’s broken, it will never be the same again.

Also, what if the normal state is not even worth turning back to?

Now, we have to think of the other option, reborn. Well, one cannot really literally be reborn, agree? But figuratively, it’s having a new state of being. A new life. You can choose what would be the new you and you can decide what would be the new path that you will follow – regardless of your past or what you were before you decide to do this.

It’s more than just setting things right, it’s actually the start of living again.

So, let’s take Toni’s advice on this:

Why settle for just repair when you can reborn? Let’s!


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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