Online Treasure Hunt: FOFO Kids

It always excites me finding good online shops that are not so common so when I received a message this morning from a colleague way back in college about his new venture, I immediately went to his site and there I found what I’m looking for – tada! FOFO Kids:

What’s to love about them?

Since they are branding FOFO as ‘a fun and funky line of designer toys, accessories and clothing for quirky kids of all ages’, you’ll immediately have that feel just by visiting their site!

The moment I liked their page, I didn’t know I was in for a lot more exciting things: Guessing Game and Trivia galore that I even ended up googling October and those festivals and celebrations mentioned there. Yes, I really did that and I had a lot of fun. I even looked for Fofo’s definition and had a pretty amazing discovery, too!

Curious about them?

Find out for yourself and spread their love! Visit FOFO Kids Facebook Page at Love, Rikki.

Online Treasure Hunt: Heliana’s Frida Huarache

I am not a fan of flats. In fact,  I am so addicted to high heels that my eyes seem to see and recognize only them and not anything else. I mean, when someone is wearing a nice and gorge pair of high heels, I can spot them in no time. With flats, it’s different.

But things have got a lot more different when I found this online – a pair of Heliana’s Frida Rainbow Huarache footwear. Not only my eyes were glued to it for minutes, I was even imagining myself wearing and walking with these.

Frida Rainbow Huarache

It’s so stylish and it looks so comfortable to wear. It also gives that classic and sophisticated feel because almost all the flats available these days seem to look so alike and so modern with the beads and sequins that wearing these will surely make one a stand-out. I even forgot the last time I saw one wearing something like this so this should be a colorful and classy change!

Being a self-confessed online shopping addict that I am, I went for a more thorough ‘treasure hunt’ on their site and found more items to die for. Aside from this, I can’t wait to put on Frida Huarache in Ecru and the Butter T-Strap Flat and the Fringe Moccasin in Seal Brown.

Bad news, though, is they are not yet doing transactions online. Good news is they will be at the next Rockwell Bazaar this October 7-9, which means just enough time to save up for these pairs, yey! (Their prices range from P899-P999). Here are their sites: and

One more thing to love about them is this brand is locally handcrafted. Show your love, let’s support local brands. Love, Rikki.  

Big Burp for ‘Big’ Happiness: Kitchen and their Exotic Treat

What to love in the Kitchen? Food! What about the food in the Kitchen at Greenbelt3? This – a gigantic serving of Sour Bill.

Well, this is not the only food on their menu which is served on this huge huge plate (with a huge huge spoon and fork and knife, too), almost everything! But this Duck stewed adobo style Sour Bill is one of my favorites here because this doesn’t taste like duck at all. So one can boast eating an exotic food while not really having to think twice because of the smell or the after taste. For only P295.00, this is sulit!

Sour Bill: Duck stewed adobo style served with fried egg

But, for times when you don’t want to become so adventurous in your choice of food, here’s one of my other favorites here – Lazy Oaf! I really am a big fan of roasted chicken and this herb chicken that they have – it’s perfect! And it’s a hundred pesos cheaper than Sour Bill, haha, only P195.00.

Lazy Oaf: Herb Chicken with spinach

The place is also designed like a real kitchen – except that everything was ‘magnified’. Like what I already mentioned, they have huge plate and utensils, huge glasses and servings, huge tables and those are all a good thing. Another big burp guaranteed on this place!

Come visit Kitchen at Greenbelt3 next time you’re in Makati! Love, Rikki.

‘i-witness’ed and i learned from being a college teacher, bow.

I was watching Krusada the other night and when they featured the current situations of the teachers in the Philippines, that instantly brought me to memory lane because once, four years ago this October, I was once like them.

I cannot simply put the whole experience in posts but that 6-month teaching stint taught me a lot and it even inspired me to write something that became my key to being one of the 80 participants out of the hundreds who submitted their entries to the 1st  i-Witness‘ Docu Seminar last April 2008.

This entry talks about being new in that profession and some realizations that even in education – specifically, the things or the subject we teach, politics exists.

Here’s that entry, happy reading. Friendly reminder, this is written in Tagalog

Wala akong kamuwang-muwang sa pagtuturo nang pinasok ko ang propesyong ito. Ang alam ko graduate ako ng communication arts sa isang kilalang unibersidad at bukas-bukas ay papasukin ko ang mundo ng pag-uulat o pagsusulat. Sinubukan ko, nabigo ako.

Sa ngayon, isa akong college instructor na nagtuturo ng English at Philippine Literature classes sa lahat ng antas sa isang semi-private school sa Laguna.

Dito ako namulat sa totoong kahalagahan ng pagtuturo. Dito ko natutunang mahalin at batikusin ang propesyong wala sa hinagap ko na pagtutuunan ko ng pansin at dedikasyon. Dito nagsimulang umikot ang mundo ko sa mga estudyante ko at kung paano ko sila tuturuan na mahalin ang pag-aaral lalo na ang pag-aaral ng ating panitikan na may kritikong pananaw at pag-unawa.

Hindi ito naging madali siyempre dahil una, bago pa lamang ako sa ganitong larangan at pangalawa, gaya ng halos lahat ng tao, takot sila sa bago: bagong kaisipan, bagong pananaw at bagong pamamaraan kumpara sa nakasanayan na.

Napanood ko ang dokumentaryo tungkol kay Andres Bonifacio na ginawa ni Howie Severino kung saan pinakita niya ang Andres Bonifacio na taliwas sa kinamulatan natin:

isang Andres na hindi palaging nakayapak;

Andres na may pinag-aralan;

Andres na mahal ng kanyang mga kababayan;

Andres na inihalal ng taong-bayan;

At Andres na walang dudang siyang tunay na unang pangulo ng ating bayan.

Masusi niyang tinalakay ang bawat anggulo sa pagkatao nito at masusing inilahad ang kahirapan kung paano ito ipaaalam at ipatatanggap sa mga tao. Nakatatakot. Nakagagalit. Nakapagmumulat ng damdamin ngunit lalo’t higit ng kaisipan.

Nakatatakot isipin na maging ang inaakala nating lubos na pagkakakilala natin sa mga importanteng tao na bahagi ng ating kasaysayan at buhay Pilipino ay nabahiran na rin ng pamumulitika ng ilang may kapangyarihan.

Nakagagalit na maging ang ating kasaysayan ay hindi nilubayan ng mga kaganidan kung saan sa pagkakataong ito, hindi na lamang kayamanan ang pinagtatangkaang kurakutin at ipagkait sa atin, kundi maging ang ating kaisipan at ang katotohanan.

Subalit sa tulong ng mga dokumentaryo gaya ng ginawa ni Howie Severino at ng iba pang dokumentarista ng IWitness, unti-unti nitong binibigyang katarungan ang mga nangyayaring hindi katanggap-tanggap sa nakararami at binibigyang kabuluhan ang presensya ng mga taong di na halos nabibigyang-pansin ng ating lipunan.

Isinama ko sa pagtalakay ng panitikang Pilipino ang napanood ko tungkol kay Andres Bonifacio. Nagsimulang mag-isip ng malalim ang mga estudyante ko, nagkaroon ng palitan ng kuro-kuro na makabuluhan sa noon ay inaakala nilang walang kwenta at nakakaantok na subject.

Naibigan nila iyon. Namulat sila sa katotohanan na naipamulat rin sa akin ng dokumentaryong iyon. Minahal nila ang subject naming iyon at sa pagtatapos ng semestreng ito, masasabi kong nagtagumpay ako sa nilayon ko.

Ang makapasok sa puso at isip nila ang mga bagay-bagay na tilatalakay namin at ang mga katotohanang nakapaloob sa bawat talakayang iyon.

Gusto kong may magawa pa. Gusto kong makatulong pa sa nakararami na maimulat sila sa mga pangyayari sa ating kapaligiran. Gusto kong matuto pa at maibahagi ang kakaunti ko pa lamang na kaalaman dahil ngayon, sa tulong ng mga dokumentaryo na naisasa-publiko, hindi kalaban ang kawalan ng kaalaman sa mga desisyon at yugto na papasukin mo sa buhay mo. Ang totoong kalaban ay ang pagbubulag-bulagan at ang pagbibingi-bingihan sa mga katotohanang andiyan na lamang sa ating mga harapan. Hindi ako bulag, hindi ako bingi… ngunit kailangan ko ng pagkakataon. Pagkakataong matutunan ang bagay na gustong-gusto kong gawin at pagkakataon para maibahagi ko rin ito sa mga kagaya ko.

with Howie Severino

and Sandra Aguinaldo

Taking Pinaywriter’s Blogging Tips at Heart

Exactly one week ago, September 16, Pinaywriter has been generous enough to write this for me and gave me tips as to how to go about this whole blogging thing.

I appreciate it oh so dearly that I am really taking her tips at heart as well as the comments I received from the others that’s why one week after, here’s a checkpoint of where my blogging stint is to date taking in full consideration Pinaywriter’s 101’s:

1. Keep your blog clean. Make sure there aren’t any autoplaying or flashing flash advertisement. 

My blog’s clean. In fact it is too clean, haha. Not good, I guess. And, I really have no idea how advertisement works so I’m pretty sure this will remain clean for the next weeks or more.

2. If you are going to talk about yourself, make sure it’s interesting.

Hmmm. This one’s tough. I don’t know when I am talking about myself already and if it is interesting so I tried to talk about other things – movie, food, place and current events. And here are the feedbacks I got so far:

Blog about a Place: I’ll work hard on this.

the article lacks depth and content and need to be revised. why is the place so special that tourists or visitors will visit it. certainly its not the room, i dont find it inviting (or maybe because its beauty was not captured by the lens); how about the food served (you were silent on this), the quality of service, the beauty of the sourroundings, etc. – from a Publisher of a local lifestyle magazine

This is a very good read. ^.^ Thought I was wondering how those stuff cost. ^.^ I should go check out the link. This is a nice easy travel blog entry. Keep it up!

It would be nice to know what other stuff the place offers and how you went to that place. *Some people like me really suck at directions* – from Pinaywriter herself

Blog about a Movie: Need to improve this one.

nice post rikki.. hehe i haven’t watched any of those movies yet, but at least i have a little overview now .. keep it up! ♥ – from a friend and former colleague

Blog about Food and Current Events: Nada. No feedbacks yet.

Blogs about Myself: Just read for yourself, naks.

Nice blog, Rikkiaw! Love your entries. You’re a good writer, keep on writing! – from a marketing professional friend who’s also into blogging

You can do it Karen! you are a good writer. I still remember the editorial you write when our class was downsized in high school. :) good luck! – from a longtime friend

Hi, Rikki! I liked what you wrote. I hope you continue your passion– writing! Good job – from an alumnus

Hi Rikki! Just read your blog—you’re natural honey! I enjoyed reading most of your self-expression blurbs. Fwes my fan at follower ka nang jurassic sistah ( well not dat jurasik, i must admit :)…am trying to maintain the asim kya d ko carry na matawag na jurasik ever). Keep it coming sis–hugs, junjun. 

Hmmm… which makes me think … maybe, I’m interesting, after all! Choz.

3. Have a theme.

A former UP professor, Ms. Ai, told me this: I love the theme of your blog. so neat and chic. excited to see more posts! One point for Rikki Tick Talk, yes 🙂

4. Talk about trending topics and add your own twist to it.

I think I have a little problem when it comes to this. I remember during the Miss Universe and the Cheerdance competition, I was taking down notes the whole time for a post I might think of later on, but when everybody started talking about it already, my interest on that topic literally died down and I ended up not talking about those.

5. Be careful of trolls. Make sure you let people comment but don’t let them get away with thrasing your comment box either.

So far so good on this one.

6. Be a “first to blog about something” kind of blogger.

I’m way behind on this yet given my ‘limitations’ as of the moment. You know, not having work to finance these things for me to get there and be there first, haha. But in time.

7. Label rants as such and try to proofread the rest of your pieces.

Proofread, check. Rants, I think I’m not good at it, hehe, I’m more into spreading the love. Choz, but I’m labeling it as well as such.

8. Be a quality read.

I’ve been vocal about it from the start, I’m just a beginner, but I’m really taking time to learn so that I’ll achieve this one of these days. I really want to be a quality read and not waste other people’s time. It’s too precious for me to take it away from them.

9. Choose advertisers and servers wisely. 

Servers what? Nosebleed. Haha. Looks like I really need to call a friend on these html and domain thing. Recommendations, anyone?

10. Blog with photos.

This one, check, too. The shots need improvement but that can be done.

11. Share buttons +1 and Like buttons help

Sharing this in Facebook, done. Using the Networked App in FB, hopeless. It’s no working and I don’t know why.

12. Nuffnang or Google adsense it.

Sadly, they don’t support site but I already created a Nuffnang account, in case.

13. Link your fanpage or a public FB account. or your Google+ account.

I don’t have a FB fanpage and Google+ account but I’m sharing my links on the FB groups that I am a member of.

Seven out of thirteen! Not bad, halfway there. Thanks again, Pinaywriter. Keep ’em comments and feedbacks coming, everyone, and help me spread my love. Thanksies. Love, Rikki.

Big Burp for ‘Big’ Happiness: Moon Cafe and its Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs with Garlic Rice, Vegetable siding, and steak sauce … yum!

Traveling and looking for a sobrang sulit meal without compromising your big appetite for sumptuous food and without worrying about your budget?

Moon Cafe’s got our back, baby, with this oh so delectable Baby Back Ribs. For just P155.00, their big serving is sure to fill that craving that an extra cup of garlic rice (P30.00) should be considered, too. This is also best enjoyed with a pitcher of their famous Suncooler and of course their Nacho de Salsa on the side (both cost less than P100 each).

Moon Cafe located at the IT Park (in front of Waterfront Cebu) in Cebu is their largest branch that I’ve seen so far. Their branch in Cagayan de Oro is inside the Limketkai Mall (just a few walks away from Mallberry Suites) and they also have two branches in Iloilo: near Robinsons Mall and another one between Plazuela and SM City Iloilo (the newest).

So next time you’re out of town, make sure to visit Moon Cafe! Big Burp guaranteed! Love, Rikki.

P.S. Moon Cafe experience is best enjoyed with your best buddies, too!

Moon Cafe in Limketkai Mall, CDO with Faith, Diane aka Baby Buff and Creawea, June 2010