Le Choix (Between Two Options)

deux choix.

This I am firmly holding on for a long time – we seem to have a choice but sometimes life gives us no options so we end up thinking we actually have no choice.

When I saw this photo just now, it suddenly meant a lot to me. This was originally named ‘Deux Choix’ (Two Choices) by the owner and was suggested by another blogger that ‘Le Choix’ (Between Two Options) is the more appropriate name for it.

And here I go again with my self debate about that belief of mine when it comes to choices and options. Okay, let me clear my mind first and let’s start this.

Why is between two options more appropriate than two choices?

Looking at the photo, the two choices is either you head to the left or you head to the right. Simple, isn’t it?

Looking closely at the photo, one actually has to decide between two options. I honestly do not understand French because I took up Spanish instead but thanks to the comments of the other bloggers I was able to understand that one of the options there is the col de l’homme mort (hill of the dead man) and the other one, I yet have to find a translation for it.

Going back, between two options means one has to decide about something. Simple? No.

Decisions are not just about the choices one has to make but more importantly decisions bear the weight of the options that there is.

It’s hard that we are sometimes judged by the decisions we made without trying to understand what options do we have when we made those decisions.

I think I understand this topic more than anybody else right now. I was always told I have a choice when I made that life-changing decision almost nine months ago. I know.  I perfectly know I have a choice. But nobody knows the options I had to consider that time.

Looking back and looking at the photo, between two options at anything, there will always be different ways of looking at it but the more meaningful one, is the one you stick your eyes to without regret and without what ifs.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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