First Day Preparations

If there is one thing I really look forward to since I got back is working again. Life being a bum is no fun – well, at least for me. And when I finally signed that offer last Monday stating my being a career woman again effective September 15, I couldn’t contain my happiness.

I am so excited big time! Well, I finally get that job I am praying for and I already see myself getting back on track to achieving my BIG dreams. Two days – I told myself – two days and this bumming around will finally come to its glorious end. Whew.

The countdown:

Two Days to Go. Tuesday is the world’s most beautiful day in the universe. So, after watching the Miss Universe pageant, I got so inspired with all those gorgeous candidates and told myself I want my first day at my new work to be my most beautiful day as well.

Also, based on my experience in my previous work, first look (including the accessories), not the first impression, lasts! Trust me, it does – that’s what made my high heels and my big loop earrings famous in that company 😮

But that was already taken care of. My problem really is my hair. It’s dead. It’s actually beyond damaged so I just described it dead – I had it curled and it died. Poor hair. And whenever I go to the salon to have it fixed, the hairdressers are literally giving up on it. They said it’s hopeless.

So, this has been my motto: when the hairdressers give up on my hair … I don’t.

what to do?

rikki's scissors to the rescue!

now i'm ready 😮

One Day to Go. Hair Done. Clothes Checked. I even already arranged with my mom what packed lunch I would want for my first day because last time she prepared one for me, it was a competitor’s product so I ended up not eating the whole time I was in that office. And then I remember – mani and pedi. So off I go to the salon once more – nude pink instead of the bright neon pink for the career woman that I soon will be am.

Past 8pm – hours before THE day. After dinner, I convinced myself to skip the Koreanovela (Pure Love) I am getting hooked into the past days because I want my first day to be special. I’ll sleep early and just start things right.

And then that call – from Marla of HR. And then from the National Sales Manager. October 3 is the new September 15.

Looks like my bumming around is only getting happier and happier! Cheers 😮


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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