Today I Fell in Love with Antonio’s Voice

I knew people like him. And people like him never fail to catch my interest and curiosity. I never really meant to stalk him – no, it was never really my intention. I was only trying to know him a little more.


Oh, how, I love the sound of his name. I love even just the thought of speaking his name.

I knew people like him but this is the first time I encountered him. Where was he during my five years in college? Why haven’t we met even when I did a teaching stint for one sem? Where have you been all my life, Antonio?

But Antonio’s more complicated than I thought he was.

I knew people like him and I know they are not the typical ones. No, they are hard to understand. One usually needs to go deep just to have a glimpse of what they are – of what they are trying to say, at least.

Antonio’s different.

He’s easy to read but he won’t let you have just one understanding of what he’s putting into your head.

I knew people like him but in his complicatedness, I got more into him I even felt we are connecting in ways more than I could ever imagine.

And then Antonio said, ‘times when I understand myself a little, I understand others less’. Maybe I was already understanding Antonio and the people like him a little that’s why I’m struggling with what I’m trying to point out here.

I feel for Antonio, feel like I and him – we are just the same. I feel exactly the same thing he does. We connected instantly – or I connected to Antonio in an instant.

Antonio and his Voice, I shall never forget.

I knew people like him. They are admired but are usually forgotten. I don’t want Antonio to be just like them. Complicated and mysterious as he is, it doesn’t matter. Today I fell in love with Antonio’s Voice, and I will never let another poet to just be silenced.

the man behind the Voice

‘One lives in the hope of becoming a memory’.


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