Sol Y Mar Beach Resort in Iloilo is Love!

When one goes to Iloilo, the highlight is almost always the food and the night life. One can never get enough of all the food this place has to offer and one can also never get enough of all the dancing and partying and clubbing this place, particularly the Smallville complex, has to give.

But Iloilo, beyond its booming Metro and commercial feel, is first and foremost the City of Love.

For some, they see Iloilo just as a ‘gateway’ to Boracay or to Guimaras or to other romantic places in the Panay Island. But not known to many, just minutes away from the city proper hides a very surprising escape that they might actually think of considering spending a day or two at the Sol Y Mar beach resort and spare themselves with the usual beach experience and just have a refreshing escape instead.

Yes, Iloilo has its own beach resorts, too, and Sol y Mar is the perfect place to experience relaxation and serenity as if having a vacation house by the beach of your own. For business people who frequent Iloilo City, this place is ideal also as a welcome change from the usual hotel accommodations they usually get.

Although, Sol Y Mar is branded as a family beach resort this has also been a favorite hangout place for barkadahans and also an ideal place for romantic or cozy evenings by the beach. I first came to this place last year when I was given a surprise monthsary celebration and true to the intention of the occasion, the place is already a surprise itself, which made the overnight stay a 3-day 2-night vacation instead!

So what makes a refreshing escape?

1. A room that makes you not want to go out anymore!

The first room that we had was the Standard Deluxe but when we found out that each room has its own special and captivating design and feel, we immediately transfered to this Standard Deluxe with Dipping Pool on our second day and the room is to blame why we extended for another day.

The colors of the room are so vibrant and are so relaxing you can just stare at those forever.Plus, this bed is literally in front of a wide glass door that gives one a panoramic view outside. And of course, the way it looks at night. Lovely.

2. A place that gives you a reason to go out of that exquisitely lavishing room.

Now, this is what I’m talking about.

The Dipping Pool just outside the Standard Deluxe Room

 Who would miss this? A dip on that pool with a beer … perfect. Plus, see that nipa house  on the right side? That’s their gym. Gym on a beach? Why not.

A closer look

 They also have a ‘lumpiga’ area in one corner where we ate our breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks. But if you’re not into sitting on the floor (or pillow) while eating, they also have table and chairs on the other side.

3. The memory of the place is enough for you to feel so revived and so alive once more!

I can only think of happy thoughts whenever I think of Sol y Mar. From the time we came in up to the moment we left, everything is so special.

The food:  They serve food so you don’t have to worry not having something to eat while you’re there. And their food – flavorful, not the typical resort food! But, it’s better of course if you would also bring your own chips and other kutkutin because there is no store near the place and you might get hungry at night – you know, for instant gutom emergency.

The accommodation: Superb. They not only also serve food but they serve everything with a smile. The staff are very courteous as well as the owners who happen to be there also one morning when we were there. They treat their guests accordingly. The place is also well-kept or well taken care of – it was being cleaned every morning.

The beach:  Who would not fall in love with the beach? The sand is not white, of course, but the beach is perfect as it is no matter what color of its sand is. Oh, and of course, the person or people that you share that beach and the memories of that beach with, now that’s what really matter.

Feeling so refreshed already?

Check out their site and fall in love: Love, Rikki.


4 thoughts on “Sol Y Mar Beach Resort in Iloilo is Love!

  1. This is a very good read. ^.^ Thought I was wondering how those stuff cost. ^.^ I should go check out the link. This is a nice easy travel blog entry. Keep it up!

    It would be nice to know what other stuff the place offers and how you went to that place. *Some people like me really suck at directions*

    • Thanks, Nina, for your time reading and commenting :p Yey, I’ll be needing more of your 101s, please :p Hope you won’t get tired! And noted that, will try to add more info on this. Thanks again!

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