Excited for my Future in Blogging! In the meantime …


… I’ll work my ass out on the present. Deyng!

Blogging, I just found out, is not e-a-s-y. I even thought of going back to my planner affair – it’s way easier than it is here. I tried movie blog, travel blog, personal blog … just blog, blog, blog all I can but in the end, I feel like I’m not near to being called a blogger in any way yet.

But, I really I want to be a blogger. So, every time I think of stopping, I write and ask for feedback. Thanks to Facebook and its Friends Suggestions, I was able to keep in close contact (just a wall post or a chat or a message away) with the people I met in almost all phases of my life – college, work, social events or activities, etc., and as embarrassing as it may seem, I ask a little of their precious time to visit my site and let me know where to improve on. And I’m both surprised and delighted with the outcome.

You wouldn’t really know until you try to open yourself and humble yourself and ask for help who are those people that share the same passion and interest like you do and in the end inspire you. They are even those you’d be surprise to be so supportive and helpful in ways you don’t really expect them to be.

I’m so thankful for those people and as early as now, I really appreciate everything.

I know I still have a very looong way to go before I get everything in this blogging career in place. But, we’ll go there! Every successful story has a crazy beginning, right? I’m just starting.

Wait for me, my bright and promising future, I’m on my way to you. Love, Rikki.



5 thoughts on “Excited for my Future in Blogging! In the meantime …

  1. You can do it Karen! you are a good writer. I still remember the editorial you write when our class was downsized in high school. 🙂 good luck!

    • Bruh … wow, thank you so much for the encouragement! I miss you. Oh, and I’m sorry, I posted here the testimonial you wrote on Friendster. Hahaha. It’s on the About Rikki Custodio page 😮 Can I post your photo there as well? :p Haha, abusada, i know.

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