When Things are Falling into the Right Place …

… I have to cross my fingers and wish that it is also the right time for this to take place. Oh no, I’m not being pessimistic, I just accepted the fact that things no matter how right they seem will only feel right if it is at its right time. Agree?

And times like now, one good news after another, whew, it scares me especially the way it brought me so much joy. Haha. Falling to pieces no more! 

Okay, remember what my goal was when I got back that was always postponed to another date? No, this is not about it. But this is something about the things that I made as a substitute for it. Sidelines or rakets, yes, bring it!

I am simply not a good bummer and I know it perfectly. And now that I am getting the hang of bumming around … tsadan … good news overload!

1. My ‘write-up’ for Cebu Pacific magazine’s in-flight mag, Smile, is due to be out this October!

2. My pre-employment project for Essays.ph will finally be evaluated and I’ll have the result next week.

3. My being a tutor at RareJob Philippines Inc. officially started today – job order and orientation done!

Things are just getting better and better and I’m always excited for tomorrow! Whew! I’m getting there … ! I wonder how I’d feel when the time comes that I can finally say ‘things finally fell into their place’ – not just these sidelines but things in general. I can now imagine, but no, I’m not rushing. I know now the power of waiting … ticktockticktock 😮

Love, Rikki.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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