What Keeps ‘Me’ Going?

I’ve been warned it’s going to be a tough world – that it’s really going to be hard especially that we’re all pretty starting and I am a newbie. Yeah, I’ve been in Sales for a couple of years but this is THE kind of Sales that I still lack knowledge of THE works. So I was often told Sales is not for me and so I often thought we shall see.

I speak softly. I walk slowly. I work like a lady. And I still cry like a baby.

But when all the stereotypes of a salesman are weighing heavily on me, pulling me down each time I’m trying to understand things slowly but surely, I think of sundae and cheeseburger and coke float and my daddy’s smile whenever I tell him how my sales calls go.

So, yes, you’re all right, it is indeed a tough world and I really am having a hard time. I speak softly, yeah. I walk slowly, true. I work like a lady, check. I still cry to my mom when I feel like giving up, admittedly.

But at the end of it all – I am just so happy I still am ME to the people who truly love me and who truly matter to me. Kampay! Love, Rikki.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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