Kain Ahente: Welcome to the SalesMAN’s World, Rikki

When I was still in Sales Operations, PG Attack is what me and my colleagues used to call our food and venue escapades. We love the oculars almost all the hotels in town offer us. Ocular for us is equivalent to buffet lunch or buffet dinner – and who are we to reject that?

Argh … buffet is love! And buffet is one of our weaknesses.

And because we so love each other, when Lola Erwin or I get an invite from Picasso or Manila Hotel or Diamond Hotel or Hyatt or Traders or Shang or New World or whatever hotel that is so generous to invite us for that, it is always a package deal – three of us minimum.

Lola Erwin and I are the staples because he handles big events and I handle small events, trainings, meetings and workshops and then it’s either Beb Mike or Crea or Faith from Trade Marketing we tug along with us and we gained friends especially hotel sales executives because we are so honest about that *wink.

Now that I’m in Field Sales, PG Attack is no longer applicable.

One. The five of us is no longer connected with one company and it’s only fun doing that in group. Two. We barely see each other 😦 and that kind of attack needs a lot of planning *choz, a lot of alignment of our busy schedules. Three. With the new line of work that I’m into, PG attack has evolved to kain-construction-worker. And this is the kain-ahente I am now getting used to.

November 12, 2011. Welcome to the salesMAN‘s world, Rikki! Fieldwork in Blumentritt area. ‘Cowboy ka ba?’ They asked. ‘See and find out’ 🙂

Part 1. Breakfast like a Man. Blumentritt sidewalk.


Pares or Lomi with Sinangag Rice (P35.00). Best with toyo and calamansi and paminta (soysauce, calamansi, black pepper)


Also best to be eaten with the regular customers (table sharing is being practiced)

I ended up eating 2 cups of their sinangag, 1 pares and 1 bottle of softdrink. *Full. The regular customers even advised us to come back next time to try the matang-baka. *Gulp.

Part 2. Lunch like a Real Salesman. Wilma’s Eatery. Aurora Blvd. Sta. Cruz, Manila.


One of their Bestsellers: Nilaga

(Bone ‘Narrow’ overload, gah, I missed Chubs and his playdead stuff in Tagaytay while we’re eating something like this)


Note to Self: In Sales, extra rice is always a must.

Reasons why they are so popular: Grilled liempo and fish


Before and After


It’s so affordable! P255.00 for 3 cups of rice, 1 order of nilaga, 1 grilled liempo, 1 grilled tilapia, 1 liter of softdrinks. *Burp

Now I know why almost all the salespeople have ‘THAT’ tummy. And yeah, it’s true, indeed, when you’re in Sales, you know all the best food places and the best food in town! Cowboy? Nah. I really feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body. Choz. Hahaha.

I so love my job! 🙂 I really don’t mind working on weekends. I’m a happy salesperson, bow. Love, Rikki.


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