Signs that the Starbucks Planner Season Is On!

Aside from Christmas and all the good things that come with it, there is this craze I look forward to every year when the Ber months are already here – the Starbucks Planner Season! It’s just so hard to miss this one.

What are the signs that this craze is on?

1. Business Meetings, Meet-Ups and Friends’ Hangouts have one one thing in common – a visit at any Starbucks coffee shop. Really, the number of customers who go to Starbucks stores double and Starbucks is always the top of mind coffee shop whenever there’s a get-together these days.

2. There is always this friendly agreement before placing an order – who gets to own the sticker. Since everyone wants it and almost everyone needs THAT sticker, trust me, you’ll always hear this while you’re lining up to have your cup.

3. Coffee preferences change – Even if you’re a coffee lover of a certain kind, you’ll find yourself buying either of these two seasonal favorites: Toffee Nut and of course my very own addiction (Hot Venti) Peppermint Mocha.

Starbucks and Starbucks planner are love! And they made this even lovelier this year with these words written on the cup: WHEN WE’RE TOGETHER I KNOW I’LL NEVER FALL. (Awww … my heart melts with this one).

I can’t wait to have my 2012 planner! Starbucks, anyone? 🙂 Oh, I just have one wish, though: Spell my name right , next time, yo! 🙂 Haha. Tsss 🙂


6 thoughts on “Signs that the Starbucks Planner Season Is On!

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