Chasing Dreams: Rikki’s Quick Guide to a Less-than-24Hours Escapade

I pictured myself ‘on the sand,by the shore, being submissive to the waves’ one morning.


And then that night, I got an invite from a friend for a surfing session in La Union. It was so tempting, I tell you. But then I thought of work and as hard as it was, I had to pass on that one.

The next morning, I focused on work as usual, gave all my time for it, but I feel like I’m losing track – one wrong move after the other while I’m trying to fix everything – uh-oh, something’s so wrong, I can sense it.

So before I totally lose everything, I packed my ‘work’, and finally decided that my longtime dream of beach-bumming alone has come to its perfect timing.

I wiped my tears, searched for my favorite traveling shorts (my own version of the traveling pants), slipped on my black beachwalk given to me with love (my loyal escapade companion) and off I go to chasing my ‘dream in life’ and to leaving another mark of my beachwalk trail.


So here, let me take you to a Quick Guide to this escapade:

  • Bus from Crossing to Buendia – P21.00 
  • Power-baon pack – (This one is subjective, of course. I decided to just buy a power-packed baon that will last for the whole duration of my stay to avoid spending much on food and I did it strategically: frosty and fries on my way to the pier (dinner), salad for breakfast, bacon mushroom melt baconator for lunch)
  • Bus from Buendia to Batangas Pier – P166.50 *less than 2 hours travel time (Prior to this, I already prepared my beach-bumming playlist: Moony, Kaskade and The Beach, purfet :o)
  • Ferry from Pier to Sabang Beach (Ferries are only until 5pm so if you arrived there past that time, there are special trips available but expect a triple rate than the ordinary fare. Expect also a tour around almost the whole of Batangas city because from pier, special trips have a different start-off point and end-point. You’ll love it, though, especially when you pass by the Malampaya area and see all its lights on, it’s so surreal you’ll feel like you’re in a different place. There are direct routes from Pier to White Beach though if you made it to the last available trip)
  • Tricycle from Sabang Beach to White Beach – P100.00 (Since these are more than 30 minutes apart from each other, they charge P300. To not pay this much, be friendly with the people on the same ferry as yours because some of them are most probably going to the White Beach as well. So instead of paying it full, it’ll be divided among you.)
  • Hotel Accommodation – P800.00 plus P200.00 deposit (This I just found out as one of the perks of traveling alone – people are so generous to give you discounts! At first, they won’t believe you’re alone but when they realized that you really are ALONE, they become extra nice and become so protective of you. This even placed me on the room of my favorite number. Want to reserve at their place? Contact me for Las Villas Del Natividad‘s contact details :o)
  • Gimick Puerto Galera Style(When I go somewhere, I make sure I don’t miss the best cocktails the place has to offer. And when you’re in Puerto, you should not miss Mindoro Sling –  refreshingly fruity 😮 ! Of course I want to try something new aside from that so I just let the barista of Mikko’s Bar offer me one of their bestsellers – Lumumba and shoot, it’s deceivingly chocolatey. Being friendly is always always a must so when people, esp. the manager of that bar, asked for your name and the other bakasyonistas there asked you to dance and join them, enjoy it – just don’t give number and don’t stay too long with them) 
  • Full Body Massage – P200.00 (Best on the shore and best with one bottle of Tanduay Ice *wink – P70.00. Befriend manang masahista, she’ll also offer you discounts for her handmade bracelets/trinkets. Again, contact me if you want to have Manang Jorie’s massage service 😮 )
  • Bull Ride – P50.00 (This is sooo fun you should not dare miss it at Rodeo Bull Bar Entertainment and Restaurant. You can choose from mild to wild and they won’t stop until you fall. Trick – a good and firm grip and body movement that looks like you’re swaying and swagging like a bull. Be careful, though, scratches and bruises will come in handy no matter how mild that ride is) 
  • Ferry from White Beach to Pier – P250.00 plus P10.00 fee * 1 hour travel time
  • Bus from Pier to Crossing – P166.50
  • Souvenirs – P100.oo up

Whew! I made one of my dreams come true in less than 24hours. See, things can always be done 🙂 But of course, you always, always have to pray – for your safety, for the loved ones you left behind and for the peace of heart and serenity of mind that you’re wishing to find.

Remember: We’ll only live once. And like what Steve Jobs said … ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’, friends!  Cheers to realizing our dreams. Love, Rikki.

What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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