‘Apir’ (High Five) to the Birthday Girl: Happy Happy, Crea!

Because today is Crea’s 2*th birthday, I wouldn’t miss this chance to let this birthday girl know how lucky I am to have a friend like her. Hmmm … that’s understatement, I guess. She knows she’s more than a friend to me, she’s like my twin soul!

And here is my list of the Things I Love about Her (tibo?) haha:

1. She looks like Bella Swan

We were in Taal Vista and that was during the peak of the Twilight movie and I really can’t help but notice how she resembles Bella. The look, the expressions … but Crea’s way interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Her ‘Lola’ย Dance

Really, she can dance. But just her kind of dance. And if not for her I wouldn’t know that this lola dance exists. Now I,too, know now how to Lola Dance, tsk tsk.

3. She drinks a lot – NOT

Because she gets super red when she attempts to do so and it’s not just ‘blushy red, it’s like REALLY RED. And not just spotty red, it’s all-over-the-face red ๐Ÿ™‚

4. She has a soft heart for kids

She loves to make them cry, too. Haha. I kid.

5. She’s artistic!ย 

Iyakin. Choz. Nah, she’s creative. For instant gift/surprise ideas, Crea’s always there to the rescue. In fact, she already has loyal clients – Faith and I ๐Ÿ™‚

6. She loves to share her blessings.

In fact, she used to always bring us Chowking’s Buchi. And she used to divide her packed lunch among us especially if it’s her mom’s chicken parmigiana (my favorite).

7. She’s never drunk

Good girl, check, but not because she can’t handle herself. It’s because she doesn’t want people to see her really RED and that’s what’s really stopping her. Haha.

8. She’s a ‘songer’.

Some of her favorite videoke songs: Spice Girls songs, Ate Katy Perry’s songs, Gotta Be. She raps, too ๐Ÿ™‚ So, don’t give her a chance to hold the mic during videoke nights sessions, okidoki.

9. She’s techy and ‘henyo’

All the gadgets and gizmos, you can ask her and she can answer you. *nosebleed

10. She’s my first travel buddy

And then we’ve been forever roommates in all of our company travels. And even if we’re no longer connected in one company, we still see each other somewhere out there.

11. She plays billiards like a pro


12. She has an eye for photography

Because she’s techy, she knows the nice cameras and she loves the old school ones, not the digital ones, the ones with films, and the pictures – lovely.

15. Certified member of the PG-attack gang

Yeah, she’s one of the original members. And she also organized some of those PG-attack moments. Our favorite targets – Club Manila East for their Binagoongan and of course, the Traders Hotel and Yakimix’s buffet. Even if it was just the two of us left now, we still manage to have a Mister-Kabab attack once in a while.

And while I’m so busy writing this, she suddenly texted and next thing I know we’ve been talking for less than an hour. Shooot, had she somehow felt I’ve been writing things about her? Haha. See, that’s how our souls are connected. Good thing we talked also, I’m all the more convinced that these are really the things I so find adorable about her…

16. We can easily spot the ‘not’s’

I think that’s what happens when you two think alike and you two love to laugh about the same things – in a subtle way. So even without blurting it out or thinking it out aloud, just one stare, even that pa-tago or pa-simple stare, we know we understand each other perfectly well.

17. We already created our own vocabulary

18. She thinks maturely

Between us, she’s always the mature one. She’s more in control of her feelings and she’s always been objective in analyzing situations, BUT …

19. She’s forever clueless when it comes to CERTAIN things

Because she has a good heart, she will never assume things unless you tell her directly. So even if all the people around her thinks that something is so obvious, she wouldn’t think that way. And that’s when she seeks for my expertise. Haha. So in very rare cases like thatย (fourth time to date in our more than three years of friendship),ย I feel like I’m the ‘mature’ one ๐Ÿ™‚

20. She’s a cry baby

I asked her this morning her birthday wish and when I asked her if that wish came true, it did … plus this story of her being teary-eyed at first that eventually led to crying. Then I remembered her last day in our office last year. She said she’s not feeling anything extraordinary the whole time – just normal. But when it’s already the last hour, tadaaan, that’s when her tears started to fall.

And that’s what I’ll always treasure about her.

When things are tough, she can be strong for you up to the point that she’s the only one left reaching out a helping hand just so you could get through. At the same time, she’s not afraid to share her doubts and uncertainties, too, be it career-move or some plain ‘girly’ stuff like what we talked a while ago.

I’m just so lucky to have her as my friend. Happy Birthday, Crea! Love, Rikki.

ย ย ย 



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