My Word, My World for 2012: Tenacious

Working for a company for three months and hearing one of the super big bosses describe you to an SVP you’re about to have a very short-notice presentation with as someone who is like her, ‘small but very tenacious’, and repeating that adjective twice, I realized that was the most flattering ‘introduction’ or let’s just say ‘description’ I have ever received so far.

And I’ll be very honest … I googled the word as soon as I got home and got all the more humbled. I know it has something to do with being clingy or with being stubbornly unyielding but that’s only because my understanding of that word was too shallow.

Tenacity, according to Art Petty’s Leadership Caffeine: 5 Ideas for Creating a Tenacious Culture, is all heart … or at least one of those attributes we ascribe to the heart – and is one of those common attributes of successful people.

“Truly tenacious people grab hold of an idea or a cause and refuse to let go until they’ve succeeded, or, until someone finds them passed out in a pool of their own sweat. Of course, what the external observer probably doesn’t know is the tenacious individual hasn’t given up.  He or she is just bowing to nature’s demands and refueling and rethinking while floating in said pool of sweat.”

I know I have a big heart, yeah, and I have a lot of love to give 🙂 but the last part … nah, not yet. I haven’t done anything yet for me to be described as one but i’m working on it every single minute.

I’m just so happy that I have started right this time and really, everything’s at the right places – all the people, all the things I love and I dream of – oh, and remember the Starbucks planner I promised myself to get year after year after year … tadaaa!

Super big thanks to my dearies who donated their Starbucks stickers. Haha. Love and Believe. Let’s all have a tenacious 2012 – all heart and successful!


One thought on “My Word, My World for 2012: Tenacious

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