Torn Between Two Loves: UP Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) 2012 and Katy Perry

I’ve been having a hard time the past few days because today, two of my longtime dreams happened to be on the same date: Ate Katy Perry‘s concert and the UP Law Aptitude Exam.

The original time for the UP LAE was 7:30am so I wasn’t bothered because Ate Katy’s concert is at 8:00pm. But when I finally got the test permit last Monday (the deadline for the application with penalty), the time was moved to 1:00pm.

And then I remembered UPCAT and how much time we spent answering the questions so I started to panic that up to this morning, I was having this dilemma whether or not to skip the LAE since I already missed Ate Katy’s concert last time. I’m sure it’ll last up to 6pm and Diliman to Mall of Asia (MOA) is not that near, considering the traffic that concert will surely make.

Then I read friends’ posts on FB wishing the takers of the UP LAE goodluck and I realized I shouldn’t even have a hard time choosing about this – lame :p

So off I went to UP Diliman early (12 noon) and from the long line I saw at the Bocobo Hall’s entrance, I know I really am in UP.

UP Diliman’s Bocobo Hall

College of Law Room 400 Takers

So there was these long lines per room assigned. Take note, three loooong lines just for our testing room alone (Room 400). And we were the last to enter.

My freshman days and memories were somehow relived – seeing these new faces, unsure and scared but more relaxed this time. Until pfffttt … I saw one familiar face from UPLB, a course-mate, Vic, and when I started to look around, I started seeing one familiar face after the other – Kat and the other girl whose boyfriend then is brods (fraternity) with my ex. Haha, small world, nah, we’re in UP, I shouldv’e expected that.

So, how did it go?

We finished almost 6pm. Period. Imagine that. And the questions … wah, the reading comprehensions and the logic and the analysis part I can take, but the computations? Nosebleed. So yeah, I have some oblongs left blank just when I thought I got so good at math and all its computations because I’m in Sales now, hello. But looks like I need more data analysis and more alone-time with data and numbers.

I can’t wait to see the result – for now I’ll just wait and hope for the best. Atty. Rikki – soon. Yay!


10 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Loves: UP Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) 2012 and Katy Perry

  1. hi there…do u have any idea when will the results be out its been a month since we took the exam….las2x yr the lae was nov 21, 2010 and the results were released on feb was almost 3mos….so if the pattern is like this probably march last week or 1st wk of april…..pero ung nov 2010 lae matagal lumabas kc busy ang malcom may event kasi

  2. U.P. Law Aptitude Examination (LAE)

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  3. Why would you rely on leaks? If you don’t pass the LAE that means you aren’t good enough for UP. If you get in because of the leak, then you will have trouble surviving as a law student. The exam is designed to measure your aptness for the degree. If you don’t pass it, still be positive that means it is not for you.

What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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