Reminder to Self

I saw my 2011 Starbucks planner this afternoon and since I am saying no in the meantime to reading romantic novels, I read all the entries on my beloved planner instead and found this:

August 29, 2011

I tend to forget things easily. I’m good at realizing a lot of things but being a hardheaded person that I am, I always convince myself that next time, it will all be different, so I’ll try to do the same things again hoping the result will be different, which in reality never happens, tried and tested. So here’s a reminder to self of the things I’ve realized the hardest of way so I won’t make the same mistakes of hurting the people I love all over again.

1. God above everything else.

No matter what the situation is, always take time to talk to God and attend mass EVERY Sunday. No miss. And the 3 o’clock prayer. Always.

2. Family is always the priority.

The love and respect for mommy and daddy – give it back to them and make it up with them. Try to give them your all whenever you can – the good daughter they keep on losing  has finally come back to stay.

3. Self Respect.

People don’t have the power to take this away from you. It always starts within you. Know your worth and people will value you the same way.

4. Value the people around you.

Always take time to catch up with friends and to ask if they’re okay. You’ll never know when they are having difficulties and sometimes, all it takes is just this question to make a difference to whatever it is they are facing.

5. See the kindness and greatness in EVERYTHING.

No exemptions. Be thankful about everything and always extend help to others.

6. Save and start building for your future.

Keep things simple and be humble in your ways. One peso and five pesos, they are already a fortune for some. So save.

7. Know where you’re heading.

You are already living the path Jesus wants you to go. All the people, the situation or circumstances that comes with it are blessings from God to make your journey as colorful as it can be. So strive to be a blessing to them, too.

P.S. Enough of the ‘playful’ games and ‘life-changing’ adventures, will you?  Learn. 

Old school writing is still the best, isn’t it? I’m so glad I’m keeping my very own life  notes – this, for me, is enough to satisfy my instant reading needs. And I’m so glad that after six months, I no longer have to be reminded about all these because now I can proudly say that I have all these imprinted here – in this gigantic heart of mine. After all, it only takes loving and having a heart to realize all these.

Love, Atty. Rikki.


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