Uh-oh, It’s THIS Month of the Year Again

I used to wait for the newspaper‘s special features every February. They usually allot a number of pages talking about love and happy endings that I find myself cutting the articles which in turn always leaves me daydreaming forever *exaggerating.


Love (Photo credit: praram)

I can’t forget one that published people’s well-kept or treasured love letters that even after so many years, you can still feel their emotions as if their love story is happening once again, at that very moment as you read it. Like a long lost memory coming to life. And not just the joy –  even the pain is as real and as hurtful.

So, I came up with this conclusion that maybe, just maybe, this month is really meant for us to become vulnerable to a lot of things – sweet nothings, romantic stints, hearts and sweets and flowers … argh, even the topic they start and the music they play on my favorite radio programs :p

If February, according to Wikipedia, is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon, then why are all the lunatics coming out and not let this month pass just like that. I can feel my own vulnerability making its presence so strong as early as last week of January, tsk tsk, getting so in touch with my emotions – not a good sign, dear self *wink

Nah, this is just a disclaimer, really, because in the coming days, just like in the newspapers, I’ll be posting more about love and memories and happy endings because if last month is my birthday month and I can cry like a star all I want to, hey, it’s February now and I’m giving in to this lunacy and just have all the excuse I can think of to be mushy, yeah? 🙂 After all, this might be my only chance to living those memories one more time. Love, Atty. Rikki


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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