Differences: A Tale of Two Love Stories

I rarely catch up on my friends these days but when I did go online last night, I happened to be a witness of this turning point of the love stories of my two closest friends and my emotions were literally split between them.

L wants to chat on FB but I suggested we use Google Talk instead. While waiting for her to go online, I saw C’s available so I started a conversation to really check if she’s there. And she replied and opened it with what happened between her and K just before that. I was so sad knowing they almost ended it – and felt sad even more knowing what could have been the reason – differences that they managed to handle well for the last four years.

And then L on the other chatbox was so excited and was so happy because her long-distance love is on his way from Australia to spend the whole week with her here. And she can’t even describe how excited she was knowing he’s already boarding the plane and will be here early in the morning. I was as excited and so happy for her because I’ve long seen her that happy and she deserves it.

My emotions were on a rollercoaster all those times – I can’t help not to feel for both of them at the same time – one is a relationship that is being tested after years of shared commitment and loyalty and  the other one is a three-month long distance relationship that is just starting and will yet have to stand the test of time and proximity. Bottomline – all parties in these two relationships made a compromise because in the end, it’s still their love that weighs heavily than their differences.

Funny thing is, C and L also ended our chat at the same time and for the same reason – sleep.  C excused herself  because her head already hurts from crying while L needs to sleep in preparation for A’s arrival.

So while they both try to doze off, I, on the other hand was left with a lot of thoughts to ponder on and I literally can’t sleep. Is love really braver at the start – willing to take any risks and everything? Is it more meaningful and more real when there is already pain that comes in loving someone so much that sometimes, making a difficult decision is no longer optional but necessary? How long can compromises keep up and make up for the differences?


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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