‘Life’s Too Short to Eat Round Burgers’

And shorter to miss out the things that make you happy. What to do when you saw a beautiful planner at the 7th Tindahan ni Aling Puring Sari-Sari Store Convention at the World Trade Center? All ‘creative juices’ plus a little of persuasion skills need to be put to good use.

The scheme: Free Wendy’s Planner for every P500 single receipt purchase.

I really intend to treat my partner for lunch but upon using a little ‘arithmetic’, we are still halfway behind to getting it. Good thing the girl in front of us (which happened to be another supplier just like us – she from P&G and us from Frabelle) is also looking at the planner and since she looks nice and bubbly, I kid about including her purchase in our orders and to my big surprise, she instantly agreed.

The thing is … we are still short in numbers with that combined orders of ours. So I volunteered to treat both of them to upgrading our drinks to Biggies …

… and we when we are still a little short in getting that magic number, side salad came to the rescue and then there it is – Wendy’s planner at the palm of my hand.

I couldn’t be happier. I ate my Wendy’s second favorite Bacon Mushroom Melt (Baconator is still my number one), got the planner I instantly fell in love with, shared a little of my blessings to my partner who has been very helpful in this 4-day convention and I was able to prove that all people are helpful and are giving by nature as long as you tell them what you want and what help do you need from them.

You now know what to do next time you want something, yes? Just go get ’em :0 BUT … if you have a 5-year old niece that you love oh so dearly who wants that same planner, give it without hesitations. In the end, you’ll be surprised how that simple act can mean a lot to that cutesy little one:

And this … is PRICELESS. Love, Rikki