Crash Course: Sales Word/s to Live By – Features and Benefits

This, Features and Benefits, was the topic assigned to me this afternoon during the Frabelle Foods new salesmen‘s workshop (BSSW). Although we can always consult our dictionary when it comes to the definition of these two words,how do we apply it in sales? Here are the key thoughts:



Turn the feature into a benefit simply by asking/answering the question ‘so what?


Capture your customer/buyer’s interest by showcasing all that your products has to offer (features) and make them want it by identifying their specific need and by explaining what’s in it for them (benefits).


This Crash Course in Sales contains bits and pieces of information of those nitty gritty things about sales and salesmanship. It’s short and sweet and meaty (informative), like this one, so this saves you time ,makes your learning fun and provokes your mind to think more in a very short span of time. So watch out for my other Sales ‘Crash Courses’!

Chasing Dreams: Rikki’s Quick Guide to Enjoying Looong Weekend the Last Minutes Way

Because of the two looong weekends this month has to offer,I now declare August as one of my favorite months (Well, I, of course have a bias with January it being my birth month and October because of all the bliss that month showered me with last year but yeah, I have my new (third) favorite!).

Not because I get to enjoy the long weekend (in sales, you’ll never know when emergency meetings and important directions will be cascaded so we are also on call most of the time) but because during long weekends I know my friends will be available those times so I can just show up and meet up with them if it is confirmed that we do not have anything coming up.

So, how did I spend August 18, 19, 20, 21?

18 – work (whole day until evening)

19 – sunday is family and rest day and work backlog catch up day 🙂

20 – meeting (whole morning), product presentation (whole afternoon)

21 – tsaraaan, holiday

So, how to enjoy it the last minute way?

1. Meet up with your super long time friend. How long? Like friend-since-kindergarten long. Yeah, we were literally classmates since Kindergarten, Prep, Elementary, High School and we even went to the same college (UPLB). He’s also the only guy in our barkada (we’re seven in the group).

2. Meet up in a new place you would both explore and enjoy. Since UPLB is so dear to our hearts, we didn’t look for any other place. We initially wanted to try that Herb-something restaurant near UPOU (Open University), but since it’s closed for the holiday and since Rated K featured this new restaurant in Calauan, Laguna last Sunday, Fresh Catch Isdaan, Floating Resto and Fun Parkwe both decided to go there.

3. Feast on Food. Food, I tell you, is one of my biggest happiness in life and being adventurous when it comes to eating different varieties – love love 🙂 We had a hard time choosing from their gigantic menu so we  just tried their ‘bestseller’. Since it’s a holiday, it’s crowded with people so we had to wait for more than 30mins for us to be seated. Choosing from the menu takes time so we didn’t mind :p

Once seated, orders took time to be served as well …

So Dze-em, had to pay P**.** for us to be serenaded by them. They visit each cottage/table and you get to request a song. They sang us Nothing on You by Bruno Mars. Naks.

And then here comes the food:

Barrio Fiesta’s Kare-Kare – Gulay Lang (P219.00)

Crab Rice: (P196.00)

And the Best-Seller: Lechon Tinupig (P432.00)

Watermelon Shake (P89.00)

4. Be Captivated with the Scenery and Enjoy the Place. When all the pigging out is done, breathe some fresh air, and some 🙂

And we really meant it when we said ENJOY the place!

5. Find Yourself a Good Buy. I bought a pair of cutesy flat nude shoes at this store:

6. Let out a good scream. Tacsiyapo! For P20 worth of plate, this is not bad.

7. Be thankful for that wonderful experience.

8. Walk home smiling for a worthwhile time spent with one of your dearies.

And then you’ll realize, no matter how little that escape had been, no matter what happens next, for the next hours or minutes, tragic or unexpected, at least you had this quality time you can always look back to.

Big Burp for Big Happiness: Seoul Sisters’ Kimchi and Other Authentic Korean Food Love

I’m just so happy finding this authentic Korean food at the Banchetto Megatent in Ortigas on a late Friday night after that five rounds of jogging/brisk walking in our office compound. Sir Randy and I were so hungry that time and here’s an almost midnight treat for that good job attempt to losing weight – big burp at less than P100.00!

I bet sure you know how ‘athentic’ they are when I told you their authentic Korean background *peace, I kid

This Kimchi is one of the best I’ve ever tasted so far, not a fan before, but this totally changed everything.

And the price is so affordable …

And there’s more to love in their stall:

Big Burp guaranteed!

Blog 101: No, Not Slacking … Just Hibernating

I never tried to be that active in online blogging community before until I got curious with the Comment Exchange thingy going on at BC Bloggers. How does that work?  The email goes …

‘The only way your name and blog will be included in the following week’s CommEx is if you go to our CommEx Spreadsheet and leave a comment on all the blogs listed on Column B in the latest tab (August 14 is the latest as of this writing). Once you finish leaving a comment on all those blogs you will be given a slot for next week which will guarantee you visits and comments from our next batch of participants’

Hmmm, sounds fun. So I clicked on the spreadsheet and whoah, 31 blogs to visit and to leave comment on, pretty interesting … nah, it’s challenging, actually.

So I clicked one link after the other and was surprised to like the whole thing so much I barely noticed that I am almost done with the ‘task’ in no time. The world, indeed, is still full of interesting people, yeah. We only have to really put time and effort to get to know each other a little.

Now I am more than inspired to continue this blogging ‘career’ of mine, but I still need to fully grasp and embrace this. One post at a time, Rikki. Consistency, please. So, yeah, don’t get me wrong, I never really meant to quit, I just rested. And now I’m pumped up again. Let’s do this!

Ten more blogs to go and the fruits of this ‘small effort’, I shall see next week, bring it!