Blog 101: No, Not Slacking … Just Hibernating

I never tried to be that active in online blogging community before until I got curious with the Comment Exchange thingy going on at BC Bloggers. How does that work?  The email goes …

‘The only way your name and blog will be included in the following week’s CommEx is if you go to our CommEx Spreadsheet and leave a comment on all the blogs listed on Column B in the latest tab (August 14 is the latest as of this writing). Once you finish leaving a comment on all those blogs you will be given a slot for next week which will guarantee you visits and comments from our next batch of participants’

Hmmm, sounds fun. So I clicked on the spreadsheet and whoah, 31 blogs to visit and to leave comment on, pretty interesting … nah, it’s challenging, actually.

So I clicked one link after the other and was surprised to like the whole thing so much I barely noticed that I am almost done with the ‘task’ in no time. The world, indeed, is still full of interesting people, yeah. We only have to really put time and effort to get to know each other a little.

Now I am more than inspired to continue this blogging ‘career’ of mine, but I still need to fully grasp and embrace this. One post at a time, Rikki. Consistency, please. So, yeah, don’t get me wrong, I never really meant to quit, I just rested. And now I’m pumped up again. Let’s do this!

Ten more blogs to go and the fruits of this ‘small effort’, I shall see next week, bring it!


2 thoughts on “Blog 101: No, Not Slacking … Just Hibernating

  1. Hee Glad you joined the comment exchange. It can really be a challenge to comment in so many blogs especially if some aren’t in your niche. But you learn to really pay attention. And sometimes you find blogs you want to follow or blogger friends along the way.

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