The Profession every ComArts Student Should Explore and Consider

Hello, Second Sem! (Oh, how I missed saying this and the sembreak that comes before this).

Well, while some are busy making plans for their remaining years in college like what subjects to take, what pre-requisites to enroll; some are already probably preparing for their last and are already too excited to wear their sablay after five months and are already busy thinking of the creative shot they would want to have for their grad pic.

But before you become too excited, these probably crossed your mind, too: what to do after college? Where to apply? What career to take and to excel into?

For some courses, Bachelor of Science (BS) courses particularly, it’s easy. Okay, easier. You take Engineering and more or less, you know you’ll end up being an engineer (unless you don’t pass the board exam). Or let’s say Nursing, or Accounting, or Veterinary Medicine.

For Bachelor of Arts (BA) courses, however, one usually doesn’t really know. Not that we do not know what we want, but because we are not limited to just one possibility. BA courses, for me, are passion-driven courses, and the four years (or more) you spent learning is more or less a revelation of a number of things you are capable of doing and a continuous search for what you want to do. We have a vast number of options.

In fact, most of the seminars being given to us back then are about PR and Advertising, Multimedia, Writing, Journalism, Acting, etc. and these are all great professions. I, however, was curious, though.

Why are students, even Communication Arts students, not being exposed to one of the greatest and most challenging professions there is?

As Og Mandino writes in his book:

‘no other trade or profession has more opportunity for one to rise from proverty to great wealth than that of a salesman’

So, why were we not introduced to Sales and Salesmanship when all our lives, all our daily activities and interactions, are part of this vast Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry?

I have one funny theory, though:

Because Sales involves numbers and because they say ComArts students are not good at Math.

And I would protest my own theory with: ‘But what are Excel and Calculator for, people?’

Nah, seriously. I found my passion in Sales after experiencing what it’s like to be an Advertising Assistant in a high end real estate company and as a College Instructor in a semi-private college. I found it and I realized I excel in Sales because of my advantage as a ComArts graduate. In return, I want my fellow ComArts dearies to be enlightened and to be introduced to this world.

Let me walk you through the seven reasons why every ComArts student should explore and consider a profession in Sales based on my more than four years sales experience:

1. Sales is NOT just about numbers.

There are lots of communications going on here: phone calls, e-mails, business presentations, negotiations, proposals, business reviews, business planning, etc. And it’s harder to learn these than to learn how to use Excel.

2. Sales is about PEOPLE.

You have internal customers (the people from the different departments in your organization you need to coordinate with on a regular basis: Logistics, Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Finance, your Third Party Agencies (TPAs))

You also have external customers (the people from the account/s you are handling, their owners, their buyers, their purchasers).

And then you have the consumers (the people buying your products, your end-consumers).

 3. Sales is FULL of Challenges.

It doesn’t limit you to your targets or quota. You can exceed it and it changes on a monthly basis. And then you can come up with your own promotional (promo) activities. So you need to be creative, you need to be FAST.

4. Sales is more on FIELD WORK.

You doesn’t always have to report to your office. In fact, you have to be always on field because the competition is right there in the trade. So yeah, you get to travel to a lot of places.

5.Sales has a LOT of Perks.

All the things you need, they got it covered. In Sales, you have these tools: car, fleet card (for your gas consumption), laptop, cellphone, revolving fund (for your meals, parking fee, toll fee, etc.) and incentive

6.Sales in NOT JUST LIMITED to Sales Work.

If you’re not that good at selling, you can try the following:

Trade Marketing – for the trade activations or executions of Marketing programs, promo implementations, corporate events and sponsorships, offtake analysis, etc. or

Sales Systems and Training (Capability in other companies) – for the trainings or competency enhancement of the people, system improvement and process development.

7. Sales is NO LONGER a MAN’s world.

Yes, every ONE can excel in this profession because this can be LEARNED. Picture this, you, like a boss, in high heels, wearing your favorite hot pink lipstick with your big girly bag.

You see, this is so us! You only have to have a heart for this. After all, Sales is about understanding what one wants and delivering it. So give this a thought, will you? Love, Rikki.




What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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