Words Only True People Who Love You Would Dare Say: No. 4

Must be the full moon tonight, I dared open these pages again. Just getting a glimpse *wink

‘Baka kasi you are justifying your need for him. And na siya yung nagbibigay strength sa’yo. Kaya siya yung lagi mong nilalapitan. For all you know, ready ka na pala mag-let go. Pero pinipigilan mo sarili mo. It’s too early to say. Give yourself time talaga and pray nga. Don’t try looking for answers, kasi pipilitin mo lang yun. Magiging clear din ang lahat’

One Circuit Training at a Time at 360 Fitness Club Timog

I’ve been putting off my scheduled visit to this gym for weeks now and i’ve been consistently finding excuses to do so – coding, parking’s so difficult in that area, etc. – when in fact i was just undecided and in denial then.

It was somehow hard for me to accept that I really am ‘gaining weight’, (yeah, not fat, just gaining weight like what L told me) until Vea texted again and asked me if I’ll push through with it. She’s been consistently nice and understanding and motivating that gave me this thought that if she’s persistent like that about this whole thing, why can’t I do that for myself. It is I who will greatly benefit from this, right?

So I showed up finally after work tonight and i I finally met Vea. I’m right, she’s naturally nice. And the coach she has endorsed me to, Coach Jose, was as encouraging and as inspiring.

So off I did 20-minute Circuit Training and I loved it instantly. The program is so brilliant it feels like you’re playing while getting all the benefits of an active lifestyle.

20 areas/stations with 30-second training time per area (that makes one circuit) was fun. My favorite part: the rest/water break station after the push-up 🙂 and the real challenge for me: the plank. jacks will definitely be the ‘easiest’ 🙂 It’s supposedly three circuits but right after my second circuit, my legs are shaking already.

Tonight was just my first, so no pressure. Two circuits on day one, not bad. i’m so happy I can’t wait for the next session.


Words Only True People who Love You Would Dare Say No. 3

Hello, love month! I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed tonight when I saw a post from my org sis and I really wanted to hug her sooo tight after reading the whole thing.

The situation looks familiar but although I somehow think I know how she feels, I’m sure it’s different and it’s unique to her, no one can really tell it’s exactly the same.

You see – every heart story is like that, one of a kind – as well as its heartbreaks and its bliss.

But there’s also something so strange that connects each story – and that is love at its purest form of loving. I’m sure every heart that loved so sincerely and so purely knows and understands it.

So, here, dear Tuhtah (Tata), a friend told me this when I was at the ‘same’ phase that you are currently in. These words made a difference to me, hope this helps:

‘Di talaga magiging madali yan. It will take time. Depende sa’yo kung gano katagal dahil ikaw ang magdedesisyon kung tatapusin mo na ba ang misery mo o hindi pa. In the meantime, iiyak mo lang ng iiyak. Ubusin mo. But at the end of all your crying, each and every time, tell yourself and believe that everything’s happening for a bigger, better purpose. Yes, it won’t be easy, but that too shall pass’

Love, Rikki