Chasing Dreams: Shaping Up with Yoga

‘Adventures don’t come calling like unexpected cousins calling from out of town. You have to go looking for them’ author unknown

Or, you may flip through its pages.

2011, I started driving and I realized my longtime dream of traveling all by myself until that has become my norm. Last year, I tried surfing with friends and practiced being more in charge in a lot of ways. This year, I challenged myself to be more adventurous in almost anything – food, places, activities – except for one.

So, January started with me and my friends surfing and roadtripping unplanned. February, it’s more of reliving college days watching theatrical play and trying out that Circuit Training at Club360. March, I’ve missed two 5K runs in one week, the Race for Raze 2 last Sunday and the Ayala Run this morning plus the hiking L and I were planning.

Hopeless in a way (because I really can’t seem to get my ass work to being active again especially this month when I have made this my month of transformations), I have resorted to books and other reading materials. And this afternoon, I just gave in to that newest addiction once again.

From classics, to the newest best-sellers up to this ‘Shape Up with Yoga’ magbook, i really couldn’t help it. Argh, costly, I think I’ve to starve myself for weeks 🙂


But sacrifices have its rewards! I was inspired to do something different tonight – yoga! And it’s long overdue. Crea and Ate Kiey and I have long been planning to attend yoga classes but we can’t seem to find time and place where we could enroll.

Good thing I saw this magbook – easy to understand and easy to follow. Well-explained and details were thoroughly laid out. Plus it has a 6-week plan broken down into four days per week for beginners like me. Yay! See, no pressure.

Learning the positions took me more than an hour but it’s worth it, breathing exercises are love. And sweating like that after almost a month – inspiring.


See, adventures can be in a lot of different forms,it’s just really up to you to make things happen.

Just tell yourself this: ‘It is never too late to be who you might have been’ – George Eliot


Chasing Dreams: The Award You Have Always Wanted

I have always dreamt of this night, the night before the first ever Frabelle Foods David of the Year Award, ever since I signed up as one of the pioneers of its sales team.

THAT has always been my goal. And I already pictured myself on that day, walking up the stage, delivering the speech. Month after month, I feel getting closer and closer to that. Every time I hit the quota, i will consistently remind myself, one month at a time, Rikkiaw, and I’ll become more excited counting down lesser and lesser months.

Had my stars did not change last month of that year, I am probably busy preparing my speech tonight, playing dress up in front of the mirror and checking which dress would be appropriate for my long time dream. Of course I would want to look good in photos, something I would definitely have framed or have changed as my new profile photo, haha:)

I have always envisioned myself on that day. Envisioned how emotional I could become once I started my acceptance speech. (we have a course in college,by the way,on Occasional Speeches so I kind of know how emo I could be at times, hehe)

But tonight, I’ll be envisioning something else. Something bigger than just merely being a part of it. Tonight I’ll make sure everything will run tomorrow as smoothly executed as it should be – all the nitty gritty so when the first ever Frabelle Foods David Awardee has been called up on stage, he or she could have his moment and savor every second of it, too – all of it.

Who knows, he or she had thought of that day a long time ago as well and he or she had also rehearsed that on his or her mind repeatedly?

Tonight’s the night before the Awarding ceremony. I have no speech to prepare nor an evening dress to pull off but I still have that dream and it’s still intact. Not my year, perhaps, but I will never lose that. I still am excited for tomorrow and for the next Frabelle Foods David of the Year Awards:)

RikkiTickTalkin’: To Whoever Wants It The Most

‘Going back into the past and reopening old wounds is neither easy nor particularly important. The only justification is that the knowledge acquired might help me to a better understanding of the present’ – Aleph

Day 2. Sunday. Im working as if it is Monday, driving from Pasig to Malabon to Makati to Imus (and back) when my favorite line crossed my mind (subconsciously motivating my self, I guess) – ‘to whoever wants it the most’ – success, that is.

I know in my heart I want Sales the most. I lived these words since I was finally given a chance to try it but I have been exposed to a lot of letting go’s and to a lot of attach-detach moments. Only one year and four months but boy, my fingers aren’t enough to count those times anymore – my dream award, my favorite accounts, my challenging projects, even the people I work with – it’s kind of disappointing. So I concluded somebody else must have wanted it more.

Two days of working with Charmaine in her area brought me back to my first few weeks in Frabelle and as always, it’s very humbling and rewarding. She wanted it bad as well, I can tell.

Until this just dawned on me – only one year and four months but boy, my fingers aren’t enough to count the changes in me anymore – my perception about things, the bigger picture of everything and the purpose of our existence.

No more award for me, definitely. No more specific account to grow. No more lead roles, just the supporting ones. No more of merely doing, but really acting on it and leaving a mark.

So I guess it really is beyond just wanting it – it is experiencing it the most – ALL of it: its successes and its heartbreaks.

RikkiTickTalkin’: Transformations

If there are two things I like least going to a bookstore, it’s losing sense of time and losing touch of the real world.

Hours after that visit to the wonderful world of letters and texts this afternoon, I find myself still floating – not literally, of course – just floating, as if on a high.

The feeling is wonderful. My mind’s restless but my inner being is experiencing pure bliss. And it’s scary and it’s great at the same time being able to connect deeply to each story as if those words are my own and those experiences are all mine – you know, as if life is just the same for every one (in a hard-to-explain way).

Call it timely or with divine intervention (oh, by the way, I am a strong fanatic of signs and stars :p), I happen to see this planner of Paulo Coehlo which has quotes from his book Aleph (see how crazy life sometimes is, I’m addicted to all these – planner, Paulo, Aleph) and its theme for this year is Transformations (coincidence?). Great.

I was just seriously contemplating this afternoon on ‘Be(ing) the best version of (my)self’ at 360 Fitness Club and I was just thinking drastically this morning improving all aspects of my life until I saw this – a good push perhaps.

The world is being created and destroyed in this very moment. Whoever you met will reappear, whoever you lost will return. Don’t betray the grace that was bestowed on you. Understand what is going on inside you and you wil understand what is going on inside everyone else

Maybe this is what is really going on inside me – I’m changing every single time without consciously knowing it and so is everyone else. But I’ve to make a reality check and yeah, I’ve to hurry.