RikkiTickTalkin’: Transformations

If there are two things I like least going to a bookstore, it’s losing sense of time and losing touch of the real world.

Hours after that visit to the wonderful world of letters and texts this afternoon, I find myself still floating – not literally, of course – just floating, as if on a high.

The feeling is wonderful. My mind’s restless but my inner being is experiencing pure bliss. And it’s scary and it’s great at the same time being able to connect deeply to each story as if those words are my own and those experiences are all mine – you know, as if life is just the same for every one (in a hard-to-explain way).

Call it timely or with divine intervention (oh, by the way, I am a strong fanatic of signs and stars :p), I happen to see this planner of Paulo Coehlo which has quotes from his book Aleph (see how crazy life sometimes is, I’m addicted to all these – planner, Paulo, Aleph) and its theme for this year is Transformations (coincidence?). Great.

I was just seriously contemplating this afternoon on ‘Be(ing) the best version of (my)self’ at 360 Fitness Club and I was just thinking drastically this morning improving all aspects of my life until I saw this – a good push perhaps.

The world is being created and destroyed in this very moment. Whoever you met will reappear, whoever you lost will return. Don’t betray the grace that was bestowed on you. Understand what is going on inside you and you wil understand what is going on inside everyone else

Maybe this is what is really going on inside me – I’m changing every single time without consciously knowing it and so is everyone else. But I’ve to make a reality check and yeah, I’ve to hurry.



What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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