RikkiTickTalkin’: To Whoever Wants It The Most

‘Going back into the past and reopening old wounds is neither easy nor particularly important. The only justification is that the knowledge acquired might help me to a better understanding of the present’ – Aleph

Day 2. Sunday. Im working as if it is Monday, driving from Pasig to Malabon to Makati to Imus (and back) when my favorite line crossed my mind (subconsciously motivating my self, I guess) – ‘to whoever wants it the most’ – success, that is.

I know in my heart I want Sales the most. I lived these words since I was finally given a chance to try it but I have been exposed to a lot of letting go’s and to a lot of attach-detach moments. Only one year and four months but boy, my fingers aren’t enough to count those times anymore – my dream award, my favorite accounts, my challenging projects, even the people I work with – it’s kind of disappointing. So I concluded somebody else must have wanted it more.

Two days of working with Charmaine in her area brought me back to my first few weeks in Frabelle and as always, it’s very humbling and rewarding. She wanted it bad as well, I can tell.

Until this just dawned on me – only one year and four months but boy, my fingers aren’t enough to count the changes in me anymore – my perception about things, the bigger picture of everything and the purpose of our existence.

No more award for me, definitely. No more specific account to grow. No more lead roles, just the supporting ones. No more of merely doing, but really acting on it and leaving a mark.

So I guess it really is beyond just wanting it – it is experiencing it the most – ALL of it: its successes and its heartbreaks.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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