Chasing Dreams: The Award You Have Always Wanted

I have always dreamt of this night, the night before the first ever Frabelle Foods David of the Year Award, ever since I signed up as one of the pioneers of its sales team.

THAT has always been my goal. And I already pictured myself on that day, walking up the stage, delivering the speech. Month after month, I feel getting closer and closer to that. Every time I hit the quota, i will consistently remind myself, one month at a time, Rikkiaw, and I’ll become more excited counting down lesser and lesser months.

Had my stars did not change last month of that year, I am probably busy preparing my speech tonight, playing dress up in front of the mirror and checking which dress would be appropriate for my long time dream. Of course I would want to look good in photos, something I would definitely have framed or have changed as my new profile photo, haha:)

I have always envisioned myself on that day. Envisioned how emotional I could become once I started my acceptance speech. (we have a course in college,by the way,on Occasional Speeches so I kind of know how emo I could be at times, hehe)

But tonight, I’ll be envisioning something else. Something bigger than just merely being a part of it. Tonight I’ll make sure everything will run tomorrow as smoothly executed as it should be – all the nitty gritty so when the first ever Frabelle Foods David Awardee has been called up on stage, he or she could have his moment and savor every second of it, too – all of it.

Who knows, he or she had thought of that day a long time ago as well and he or she had also rehearsed that on his or her mind repeatedly?

Tonight’s the night before the Awarding ceremony. I have no speech to prepare nor an evening dress to pull off but I still have that dream and it’s still intact. Not my year, perhaps, but I will never lose that. I still am excited for tomorrow and for the next Frabelle Foods David of the Year Awards:)


2 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams: The Award You Have Always Wanted

  1. Hello Rikki,

    We are interested in distributing Frabelle products and carrying it for our food carts.

    Please email MOQ, Distributors Price & SRP.



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