Chasing Dreams: Shaping Up with Yoga

‘Adventures don’t come calling like unexpected cousins calling from out of town. You have to go looking for them’ author unknown

Or, you may flip through its pages.

2011, I started driving and I realized my longtime dream of traveling all by myself until that has become my norm. Last year, I tried surfing with friends and practiced being more in charge in a lot of ways. This year, I challenged myself to be more adventurous in almost anything – food, places, activities – except for one.

So, January started with me and my friends surfing and roadtripping unplanned. February, it’s more of reliving college days watching theatrical play and trying out that Circuit Training at Club360. March, I’ve missed two 5K runs in one week, the Race for Raze 2 last Sunday and the Ayala Run this morning plus the hiking L and I were planning.

Hopeless in a way (because I really can’t seem to get my ass work to being active again especially this month when I have made this my month of transformations), I have resorted to books and other reading materials. And this afternoon, I just gave in to that newest addiction once again.

From classics, to the newest best-sellers up to this ‘Shape Up with Yoga’ magbook, i really couldn’t help it. Argh, costly, I think I’ve to starve myself for weeks 🙂


But sacrifices have its rewards! I was inspired to do something different tonight – yoga! And it’s long overdue. Crea and Ate Kiey and I have long been planning to attend yoga classes but we can’t seem to find time and place where we could enroll.

Good thing I saw this magbook – easy to understand and easy to follow. Well-explained and details were thoroughly laid out. Plus it has a 6-week plan broken down into four days per week for beginners like me. Yay! See, no pressure.

Learning the positions took me more than an hour but it’s worth it, breathing exercises are love. And sweating like that after almost a month – inspiring.


See, adventures can be in a lot of different forms,it’s just really up to you to make things happen.

Just tell yourself this: ‘It is never too late to be who you might have been’ – George Eliot



What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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