Saturday Thoughtsy: When You Feel the Weakest…

… it is when the power of loving is at its strongest.

Loving the strangers you happen to pass by throwing punches at each other by making an effort to look for policemen while everyone else was just watching even if that caused your being late on the last day of your training.

Loving the old lover who never get tired waiting and asking for a second chance by finally recognizing all the efforts and the patience and the love he was showering you from the start up to these days, almost ten years in the making.

Loving the friend who treats you like an enemy by making her feel loved despite all the accusations and wrong judgments, you still want the best for her and you still consider her a friend.

Loving your colleagues by finally opening up a little, one mini-carnap/hijack-ride-lambing at a time.

Loving the dear dear friend who always stay with you no matter what the weather is by being honest and by sharing and entrusting all your deepest thoughts and deepest feelings as if you two are just one.

Loving the daddy who since you were young provided for all your needs and for all your wants by surprising him with a takeout early dinner that only the two of you shared over daddy-and-daughter catch-up session.

Loving the mommy and the little sister by sharing all your blessings so the two of them could spend quality time over shopping and not worry about anything else by taking care of what they’ve left behind.

Loving all the people you’ve come in contact with until evening by sharing some smile, uttering sincere thank you’s, empathizing with whatever it is they’re feeling.

Loving and then loving some more. Because during our weakest, God’s love is at its strongest. We only have to share it, to show it, and to speak of it.

As Gretchen Rubin identified in her Happiness Project , her Twelfth Commandment is this: ‘There is only love’. There.


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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