Crash Course in Sales: Fieldworkin’ in Style

Connotations about salespeople are always dugyot or annoying or boring, too formal at times – cliche.

So allow me to give you a glimpse once again to this world. Sales is no longer limited to men and there are a lot of women already ‘dominating’ this field, (perfect example would be our NSM for Modern Trade, Ms. Irene), so you’d be quite surprised how even this profession can be unexpectedly fun in terms of its ‘evolution’ including dressing up, too.

Weekdays are not counted in our case since we are required to wear shirtjack in our calls(not all FMCG companies in the Philippines but most), but come fieldwork weekend, tadaaaaa!


A day in the field is where all the action is – diverse kind of people, different situations to put into good use all the negotiation and salesmanship skills but above all these – it’s where all the FUN is!

Not just the activity or the work itself but also the pre-works part: YOUR part. Feeling confident in your calls not only on the business aspect of things, but feeling confident and comfortable on the personal aspect, too – about yourself.

Not because you are in this profession, you’ll forget who you are and just conform to other people’s perception. So what if you’re different than those they want to think as a ‘real’ salesman?

That’s why I always look forward to Saturdays! I can get to reconnect with myself while not forgetting the responsibilities come Monday again. I even made a Saturday-Daddy’s-Closet-Raid day because of that fieldwork’s need: being grounded to yourself and wearing comfortable clothes that are sooo stylishly manly 🙂 My favorite aside from the Beatles sunnies, Daddy’s polo shirts that look like a whole outfit on me.

See, everything about Sales is cool and fab like this. Wink.



What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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