Big Burp for Big Happiness: Cintai, Corito’s Garden Cooking Class Menu

Enrolling in a culinary school has always been one of the items in my bucketlist. However, due to the tight schedule, I just made it a point to try different dishes whenever I can.

One time, when I was browsing DealGrocer’s site, this caught my attention: a Bali-inspired place in Batangas is having a Culinary Class wherein Day Tour, Food, and use of the amenities are included. I really am a lucky girl, three wonderful and exciting deals in one coupon! Loooove.

I haven’t tried Vietnamese food yet so I am quite ecstatic especially that we are the ones who will prepare our own food. Plus, Chef told us that Vietnamese food is very light but there are different layers of flavor, hmmm, interesting.

So, what’s on the menu, Chef? Pho-Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers, Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork, Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry, and for dessert, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk šŸ™‚

Ready? Fire!


Pho Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup
This is perfect for the cold, breezy weather, not salty and not that spicy, but has lots of interesting flavor and aroma (including that of the cinnamon sticks and charred onion and garlic). If you, however, prefer the salty one, they’ve Vietnamese fish sauce and lemon wedge and hoisin that you can add.


Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers
Making this was so fun and easy, you really have to be very ‘ hands on’, literally. And Chef also gave us helpful tips on the proper way of putting all these together.

The flavor of this food comes from the sauce and this is so easy to prepare. Good with wine and beer, according to Chef. Translation, pulutan šŸ™‚


Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork
This is my favorite. I just can’t describe how subtle the flavor is but it has that super delicious taste that can make you eat more. This, a must cook šŸ˜®




Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry
I’m not a fan of curry but this one changed my mind. No strong curry taste, but it has that beautiful combination of all the spices that makes curry a curry, less the cumin. The yellow ginger flavor, mmmmm, tasty.



And last but not the least, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk. The dessert with an amazing surprise šŸ™‚ Aaah, subtly surprising, Cintai’s guests’ favorite.


Worried about the drinks? They serve fresh buko juice and iced tea as their welcome treat for girsts. And they also serve iced tea and water during mealtime (and rice, one big bowl and one small bowl). They also have a bar inside the area in case you want an alcoholic drink and some videoke love.

Truly Big Burp, guaranteed! šŸ™‚


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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