Big Burp for Big Happiness: Keeping it Light, Simple and Healthy Korean Way at Min Sok Restaurant in Makati

I was told that the easiest way to catch a man’s heart is through his stomach. I agree. But I was not planning to catch any man’s heart, so I discovered something deeper.

Most of the happiest moments I’ve had with my friends and family involve eating – eating a lot, to be exact. I have my PG attack buddies, my breakfast buddies, my buffet buddies – and I still clearly remember I cried my heart out over gigantic Mr.Chips during my first teenybopper ‘heartbreak’, okay, connect? And the dearest of friends I surely will never forget are those who introduced me to incredibly delicious food heaven that I, in turn, share to my dearies.

Min Sok for one was introduced to me by Faith and I’ve been coming back to this place with my dear, dear, friends eversince. Tonight it’s Krista.

We haven’t seen each other for two years and she has never tried any Korean food yet so I’m quite excited to bring her here. The result: gah, three repeat requests of all their side dishes ❤ except Kimchi, which is so favorable to me *not sharing my Kimchi, yey ❤

And we had a blast and had a heartfelt catch-up session without feeling sooo full or still feeling hungry. Perfectly right for the tummy.





We even got to have photos with them ❤ See, not all things should be that fancy for it to become remarkable – same with food. It’s really the memories of what you’ve shared over that food that makes it priceless ❤ ❤ ❤


‘Til next time. Min Sok Restaurant is looove ❤ Truly Big Burp guaranteed!

Saturday Thoughtsy: Sentimental Scribbles

One of the downsides of not having Saturday work: reading my old planners ❤

The ones written in black ink, my bucketlist before I turn 26. The notes in pink, my accomplishments after less than a year. I'm 27 now, I only wanted these but I was given all these and more!

Thankful and grateful! *loved *blessed. ❤ ❤ ❤


Big Burp for Big Happiness: Kain Ahente, GenTrade slash Artista Style at Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng Sikat’

Aside from Sales and the negotiations, I enjoy eating like a true-blue ahente (salesman) whenever I work with the DS (Distributor Specialist) and his DSS (Distributor Sales Supervisor) and the Coordinator. And you’d really know whether they are working or not if they know the best places to eat in the area.

I must admit, Raffy, the DSS in CaMaNaVa did a great job on that today, I’m impressed. After that trade check and visit, he took us here: Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng mga Sikat’. Curious why? Here:





But what’s really remarkable about them aside from this lineup of their celebrity guests are the food!


Vincent’s Place, I must say, is a proof that quality matters more than quantity. With very minimal variety of kambing (goat) dishes priced at P150 and above per dish, it’s still hard to decide which one to have since all are interesting to taste.

Bulalo Sinampalokan.
Sizzling Adobo with Fried Garlic *Vincent Place’s Bestseller




Gah. Extra rice, please. Oh, and water for all, Miss 🙂 Big Burp Guaranteed!

Crash Course in Sales: 4 P’s of Trade Marketing

Perks. Passion. Promotions. Posters. 🙂 Haha, my 4 P’s *as if. Look at this, eeek, thumbs up!

Frabelle Foods Captain’s Catch Fish Nuggets and Shrimp Popcorn promo with free Sweet Chili Sauce 😮 available in supermarkets! Look for these healthy nuggets and these tasty and meaty shrimps *tail on


Tuesday Thoughtsy: Bring Our Good Times Back, Work your Magic, Magic 89.9

I just signed this petition at (1,189th supporter) on Petition to Magic 89.9 to Lessen the Suspension for Good Times with Mo.

Waking up 3am on Tuesdays, my adrenaline-rush-pump day (my plate number ends in 3, by the way) and no longer looking forward to the early morning drive, I know I really have to do something about this.

One of the resolutions I came up last June was this: let go but do not hold back. So here, not holding back these thoughts when I had to fill in that optional box on the site on why I was supporting this ’cause’, for the greatest good *wink

DJ Mo thinks of interesting topics that I really look forward to in the mornings and he plays music that I really take time to search and actually inspires me to buy the album. He teaches the listeners to cut the crap, just go direct to the point and just have a good time, every time. And Suzy and her looong endorsements (effective when she’s the one who is doing it, really sticks to the mind that follows a purchase) and her shoutouts to Gabby Eigenman ❤ His and Suzy's tandem is the craziest and the best, plus they have lots of other interesting characters that have been part of my mornings, too: Anton, ShowbizBro and of course, NotBillWanton. Gah, I could go on and on and on, but hey, Magic Bosses, learn from them and just cut this crap, puhlease. Give our Good Times back! You do know there should always be exceptions to the rules, right?

There. Time check, 5:04am. *Fingers Crossed *Waiting for some magic *Not using hashtags in my blog *Just sayin' 🙂

Crash Course in Sales: Starting Right to Realizing the Law of the Big Mo (Momentum)

July 1, 2013. It’s official today: TriDiamonds. After one year, eight months, and twelve days, here we are, some of the remaining pioneers of Frabelle Corporation pioneering another gem, the TriDiamonds Corporation.

And here I am, back to my Monday checkpoint with myself: my purpose and my cause in this world.

I randomly grabbed a book, randomly opened a page and here’s what I got: ‘page 203, Small Beginnings’ of the Law of the Big Mo chapter of John C. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Leaders always find a way to make things happen

‘…they were all sliding backward fast, and they needed something to move them forward. (He) was disappointed, but he refused to give up…he knew that if he could help his students experience a few wins, build their confidence, and give them hope, he could move them forward…and all along he modeled hard work, dedication to excellence, and ganas-desire’

I remembered when we were starting in Frabelle. We literally started from scratch introducing the company and the brand to whoever we come across with and then with baby steps we opened one Modern Trade chain and one GenTrade stall after another until finally, we earned some credibility, earned a little niche in this Fast Moving Consumers Goods industry.

And now, a turnabout.

The Law of the Big Mo (Momentum) is right: ‘getting started is a struggle, but once you’re moving forward, you can really start to do some amazing things’.

Momentum begins within the individual leader. It starts with vision, passion and enthusiasm. It starts with energy…’You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own’

What was my burning desire? Sales. Putting systems in place. Sharing this gift. Chasing dreams. Follow-throughs. Making a difference.

If only I was given a chance to talk this morning, I would talk about this. ‘The steps forward weren’t huge, but it was building a momentum’.

Same like with each of the *David in us. (*symbolism of each Frabelle Foods salesperson). Whenever I recall our first selling day, I see that ganas in all of us. I still remember that ‘gigil’ and I still feel those hearts. Those salesmen whose hearts acquired great momentum that do not want to do anything to get in its way.

I was not able to give a little talk this morning, but every time, in the near future, that I will … I will always bring us one step back to where we started, to that 3am ceremony, build the momentum in the hearts of my colleagues then we will all move two steps forward while we shout this out loud: Frabelle Foods, start right, finish strong. Hoo-Haa!