Tuesday Thoughtsy: Bring Our Good Times Back, Work your Magic, Magic 89.9

I just signed this petition at change.org (1,189th supporter) on Petition to Magic 89.9 to Lessen the Suspension for Good Times with Mo.

Waking up 3am on Tuesdays, my adrenaline-rush-pump day (my plate number ends in 3, by the way) and no longer looking forward to the early morning drive, I know I really have to do something about this.

One of the resolutions I came up last June was this: let go but do not hold back. So here, not holding back these thoughts when I had to fill in that optional box on the site on why I was supporting this ’cause’, for the greatest good *wink

DJ Mo thinks of interesting topics that I really look forward to in the mornings and he plays music that I really take time to search and actually inspires me to buy the album. He teaches the listeners to cut the crap, just go direct to the point and just have a good time, every time. And Suzy and her looong endorsements (effective when she’s the one who is doing it, really sticks to the mind that follows a purchase) and her shoutouts to Gabby Eigenman ā¤ His and Suzy's tandem is the craziest and the best, plus they have lots of other interesting characters that have been part of my mornings, too: Anton, ShowbizBro and of course, NotBillWanton. Gah, I could go on and on and on, but hey, Magic Bosses, learn from them and just cut this crap, puhlease. Give our Good Times back! You do know there should always be exceptions to the rules, right?

There. Time check, 5:04am. *Fingers Crossed *Waiting for some magic *Not using hashtags in my blog *Just sayin' šŸ™‚


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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