Big Burp for Big Happiness: Kain Ahente, GenTrade slash Artista Style at Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng Sikat’

Aside from Sales and the negotiations, I enjoy eating like a true-blue ahente (salesman) whenever I work with the DS (Distributor Specialist) and his DSS (Distributor Sales Supervisor) and the Coordinator. And you’d really know whether they are working or not if they know the best places to eat in the area.

I must admit, Raffy, the DSS in CaMaNaVa did a great job on that today, I’m impressed. After that trade check and visit, he took us here: Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng mga Sikat’. Curious why? Here:





But what’s really remarkable about them aside from this lineup of their celebrity guests are the food!


Vincent’s Place, I must say, is a proof that quality matters more than quantity. With very minimal variety of kambing (goat) dishes priced at P150 and above per dish, it’s still hard to decide which one to have since all are interesting to taste.

Bulalo Sinampalokan.
Sizzling Adobo with Fried Garlic *Vincent Place’s Bestseller




Gah. Extra rice, please. Oh, and water for all, Miss 🙂 Big Burp Guaranteed!


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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