Saturday Thoughtsy: Month of Possibility

Hope and heartache in an hour, it’s possible. And happiness and wholehearted letting go right after. Yeah. (But that was after that all-out eating-my-heart-out-over-comfort-food sesh).

Nevertheless, Paulo Coelho’s theme for this month in his 2012 Transformations Planner is spot on. ‘Possibility’.

It’s exciting to think how the universe seems to put a good game on us. Just when you thought it is giving you chance to make up for those times, it will suddenly hit you with the realization that it only gave you a chance to say your piece, to say your final goodbye – and you’ll suddenly realize, one more chance was not what you really wanted from the start, just the chance to make it up and make it right this time – just when you thought that was close to not happening at all.

Thank you, Universe, for giving me that chance. I’m happy you’re quite cray-cray like me! That was the happiest one hour of my life to date ❤ Thanks for the courageous heart for me to face it.

‘…we often see our dreams destroyed and our desires frustrated, but we have to keep on dreaming. The good fight is the one we engage in because our hearts ask us to’



What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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