Brown Bag Take Out: ‘It’s so easy to miss something you’re not looking for’


This afternoon was the second Brown Bag session of our Company that I was able to attend since we started July.

The first was enlightening.
This one – amazingly disturbing :p

I can’t help but admire our speaker/resource person Mr. Arnold H. Anon (Mr. AHA!) because he succeeded in obtaining his objective for that 3-hour session – shake us, disrupt our thoughts, help us become aware.

My body’s physically dead tired right now but my mind keeps on thinking these words he has thrown at and shared with us.

The one that sticked to me the most – this: ‘It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for’. Hmmm.

I haven’t given this a good and deep thought yet. But I’ll find time next time. I’ll make sure I won’t miss out on the greatness that lies behind these words.

For now, I’ll let it run through my head as long as it pleases. But the moment I catch up on it, it’ll stay put 🙂

Why are we so afraid to raise our hands? Why are we so not comfortable showing or exposing our vulnerabilities.

And then he told us …

‘It’s easy to let go. Life, after all is about choices. Live it full out’


What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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