About Rikki

I have a big heart with a big dream and a huge obsession with big things.

At 25, I am just starting again in all the aspects of my life: family, career, relationships, priorities – and it’s a big deal in a good way (you know, going back to zero).

My new obsession – blogging! It used to scare me like hell. Well, it still does, but we’re getting along fine.  I, still, am loyal to my Starbucks planner, though.

So yeah, I’m old school. I love to write on my planner as if writing on a diary. But since I have a lot of love to give, I also love these:

I love old churches and museums and vintage and antique items. I love Marilyn Monroe. I love traveling and beach and campings. I love Sundays and reading newspaper. I love chicken – fried or roasted or grilled. I love buffets. I love online shopping.

I’m addicted to high heels and coffee. I love pink lipsticks and pink nail polish. I love quotations and poems and short stories. I love photography. I love life and LOVE and romance and happy endings and staying together.


On top of these, I love to share, too! And it’s time … enjoy reading. Love, Rikki.

What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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