Chasing Dreams: Steady Saturday Down South with My Happy Pills

When things are going cray-cray, being with your cray-cray friends on a stressful Saturday is the surest way I know to keep me sane and steady. I love these nymphets to bits! Chasing happiness with them just comes naturally!

Finding the perfect place for lunch at Solenad, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Claw Daddy and Domo Tomo


Playing around like what we always do, because we so missed Issa. Welcome home!

Dessert Stop: Bag of Beans in Tagaytay (my favorite frozen blueberry cheesecake!)

Hiking and photowalking and nature tripping at Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas

Dinner at The Grill by Antonio’s in Tagaytay

My bunch of happiness!


Chasing Dreams: Rikki’s Quick Guide to Enjoying Deal Grocer Coupon and to Have Fun on your Way to Cintai, Corito’s Garden

Forgive me for still talking about this but due to insistent ‘public’ demand, here’s a guide to getting all your money’s worth on a coupon and more!

First timer? Same here. How to go about it?

1. Check good travel deals on DealGrocer (
2. Ignore the usual, look for not usually heard of destinations
3. Pay
4. Save the confirmation e-mail
5. Wait for the right time *i already bought a number of coupons without really having a definite plan when to use them, but I make sure I know when they will expire *wink

When you feel, it is already the right time for it, book your reservation. It only needs a phone call or an e-mail and you’re ready to go. *special thanks to Brenda of the DealGrocer team for being so helpful

Once the booking was confirmed, file for a leave (at least a day’s notice) and shout out to the beautiful world how excited you are to be one with it and the Universe once again. Before you know it, World is showering you with lots of love

What’s next?

1. Download Waze app so you won’t get lost
2. Google the directions if for reason you don’t know, Waze wasn’t that helpful
3. You’d only know the shortcut after you have traveled the long path, so be patient and find joy in getting lost. Look around, ask for help, and admit you’re being lost.

When you finally reached your destination, spread love to the world and to the people because paradise like Cintai, Corito’s Garden becomes a bliss when it is shared 🙂

How to get there?

1. Shortcut: SLEX, Star Expressway, Lipa exit, turn left on Caltex on the left side of the road going to Malvar, drive for 6km more and voilah, on your left 🙂

2. Longcut: SLEX, then this: Tanauan, Batangas

and this: Malvar, Batangas

and this: Lipa City

and this: Brgy. Bulacnin

and this spooky interesting arc: Balete

and finally, this! Cintai, Corito’s Garden. seriously, who would miss this

Touchdown paradise. Now, enjoy 🙂


Love, Rikki

One Circuit Training at a Time at 360 Fitness Club Timog

I’ve been putting off my scheduled visit to this gym for weeks now and i’ve been consistently finding excuses to do so – coding, parking’s so difficult in that area, etc. – when in fact i was just undecided and in denial then.

It was somehow hard for me to accept that I really am ‘gaining weight’, (yeah, not fat, just gaining weight like what L told me) until Vea texted again and asked me if I’ll push through with it. She’s been consistently nice and understanding and motivating that gave me this thought that if she’s persistent like that about this whole thing, why can’t I do that for myself. It is I who will greatly benefit from this, right?

So I showed up finally after work tonight and i I finally met Vea. I’m right, she’s naturally nice. And the coach she has endorsed me to, Coach Jose, was as encouraging and as inspiring.

So off I did 20-minute Circuit Training and I loved it instantly. The program is so brilliant it feels like you’re playing while getting all the benefits of an active lifestyle.

20 areas/stations with 30-second training time per area (that makes one circuit) was fun. My favorite part: the rest/water break station after the push-up 🙂 and the real challenge for me: the plank. jacks will definitely be the ‘easiest’ 🙂 It’s supposedly three circuits but right after my second circuit, my legs are shaking already.

Tonight was just my first, so no pressure. Two circuits on day one, not bad. i’m so happy I can’t wait for the next session.


LU Hang-over: Surfing 101 for Beginner Surfer Like Me

Disclaimer: I am no surfer so the tips written here are purely based on my beginner ‘surfer’ experience.



October is one of the surfing seasons in the Philippines and not being a fan of surfing (before), when a friend invited me to the 7th La Union Surfing Break Festival (Oct. 26-28), I said yes, mainly because I haven’t been there yet – ever – and I’ve been wanting to for the longest time, and it’s a beach and I need a break from work and I want to spend it with friends. In short, surfing wasn’t really my priority or my purpose of going there. So, I packed the usual beach outfit.

Lesson No 1: Familiarize yourself with Rashguard

Since my mindset is on beach mode, I packed maxi dresses and casual dresses  on a tote bag. When I saw my friends, they are carrying backpacks.

When we get there in La Union, it’s very laidback. Guys are just wearing shirts and board shorts while girls are wearing just shorts and sleeveless or tank tops or shirts. Good thing, I really am more comfortable wearing the same thing while traveling so I almost passed on this one (except for the scarf around my neck).

In the beach area, you’ll see a warning sign that the beach is not for swimming. You can hardly see someone wearing just two-piece. In fact, I never saw one the whole time we were there, except at night, at the resort’s pool area, when we were all just chillaxing.  So, for you to really enjoy the place and to share that wonderful experience with your friends, decide that you will try surfing.

And when you’re ready to ‘play’, rashguard is a must have for girls while some guys prefer just wearing their board shorts. Rash what? Yeah.

Waves can get really pretty playful so to avoid having a nip slip while you’re there trying to catch some waves, you must have a rashguard or anything on top of your two-piece. (P.S. String bikini is acceptable but bandeau is a no-no. Right, Moe? *wink).

Lesson No. 2: Get yourself ‘Some’ Surfing Lesson

Five minutes of land lesson:

And before you know it, your instructor’s already attaching the surfboard’s leash to your leg and you two are already heading where the waves at. Whoah! (P.S. Ask him to carry the board for you, trust me, it’s heavy.)

Lesson No. 3: Play!

‘Laro’. This is the term they all use when they are referring to the act of surfing.  You’ll often hear them say ‘Kailan ka maglalaro?’ or ‘Nakapaglaro ka na?’ . I was honestly wondering if the term actually meant playing with the waves. Oh well.

Lesson No. 4: Ride

So, before you play, you must also know how to ride. Here’s a very inspiring and helpful tip for girls from one of the surfers of First Wave: Riding a surfboard is like riding a boyfriend. You have to be rough at first. Once you get your spot, then you can go slow and just be smooth. Meaty, huh?

Lesson No. 5: Breast Out!

Literally! (if you’re not wearing the proper surfing outfit). But, practically speaking, this is how you will manage not to be washed out by the waves coming at you while you’re paddling your way to the waves. But, if it’s a really big wave, let your instructor maneuver you to the same direction where the waves are going and just hold tightly to your board while he tilts your surf board upward so you will stay in your place while the waves hit.

Lesson No. 6: Ready … Stand!

When your instructor tells you to get ready, expect the push in five seconds and when your glide is getting faster and faster, all you need to think of is to stand (or just try to) and just let the waves do the works. Sounds easy? Nooooo. It took me more than an hour before I can manage to stand.

Lesson No. 7: Prepare to be Stoked.

A hundred times of getting washed out is nothing once you get to actually experience what it really meant to actually play with the waves. Trust me, it’s ‘solid’ and ‘steady’, if you know what I mean J Bonus in this experience aside from meeting new friends and ‘playmates’, are the surfing jargons you’ll learn as you go through the whole thing. So, what are you waiting for? Save P3,500 (with buffer already) and you’re good for a 3-day 2-night surfing sesh in LU. Want to know other details? Ask me. Love, Rikki.

TreeHouse Tavern at NorMi2’s Resort, La Union

This cutesy TreeHouse Tavern inside NorMi2’s Resort that you can see from the beach holds a wonderful surprise once you set foot on the inside.

The place is perfectly small enough for that intimate kwentuhan or kulitan session with your friends while eating dinner or while sipping your favorite Jack (Rachel’s favorite) or Vodka or San Mig Apple and every corner is interesting enough to realize that this place is every inch a work of art. Perfect for a night out with that authentic beach and hippie feel.

You see, one doesn’t always have to be always big or loud to be great *wink