May Asim Pa

I used to hear this whenever Madam Auring is on the news. Well, who would not say so with all those young partners and controversial affairs that she has at her age.

Well, I’m no Madam Auring and I don’t feel the need yet to follow her footsteps but somehow, I felt that asim thingy worked for me, too.

So, one grows up and part of that phase is losing some things or some interest to some things. Partying is no longer fun compare to just hanging out with friends just sipping coffee and catching up on each other’s life. The topics have changed, too! Now it’s more on serious things like career, travel and learning.

Entertaining people also stopped being fun. It has become scary unlike before when someone sending you a drink and paying for your bills seem ego-boosting and confidence-building.

You’ve already experienced all those things that now, those were just part of your past and it no longer interest you. Until one night, after sipping coffee with your girlfriends and while you’re catching up on your whereabouts, someone came over and asked for your number.

And then a tiny, tiny part of your being got thrilled. And it was such a long time since you last felt it. So once more, like a college girl, you gave it impulsively only to realize seconds after that, that hey! you’ve grown past that phase already. But then you thought, it’s your call whether to ignore or to entertain the call and the text.

You were still pondering on that thought when suddenly the guys from the next table called your attention and asked if it’s okay for them to join you and your friend. It surprised you definitely, but you take control this time. You courteously said no, thank you, we’re good and then tried your best to ignore their hirit and parinig.

Now that was remarkable.

You see, having that asim in you is not a bad thing. In fact, you now have all the advantages. You’re wiser now. You can be more in control of the situation. Just enjoy the feeling it gives you and don’t overdo things.

Just look at Madam Auring and how she glows during interviews and all. She’s still blushing and she feels like she’s still in high school feeling so good inside. Okay, maybe Madam Auring is not a good example. But think about it. It will do you good having that confidence back once more.

What are you waiting for? Go out with your friends and check if you still have that asim!