Words Only True People who Love You Would Dare Say No. 3

Hello, love month! I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed tonight when I saw a post from my org sis and I really wanted to hug her sooo tight after reading the whole thing.

The situation looks familiar but although I somehow think I know how she feels, I’m sure it’s different and it’s unique to her, no one can really tell it’s exactly the same.

You see – every heart story is like that, one of a kind – as well as its heartbreaks and its bliss.

But there’s also something so strange that connects each story – and that is love at its purest form of loving. I’m sure every heart that loved so sincerely and so purely knows and understands it.

So, here, dear Tuhtah (Tata), a friend told me this when I was at the ‘same’ phase that you are currently in. These words made a difference to me, hope this helps:

‘Di talaga magiging madali yan. It will take time. Depende sa’yo kung gano katagal dahil ikaw ang magdedesisyon kung tatapusin mo na ba ang misery mo o hindi pa. In the meantime, iiyak mo lang ng iiyak. Ubusin mo. But at the end of all your crying, each and every time, tell yourself and believe that everything’s happening for a bigger, better purpose. Yes, it won’t be easy, but that too shall pass’

Love, Rikki

Online Treasure Hunt: FOFO Kids

It always excites me finding good online shops that are not so common so when I received a message this morning from a colleague way back in college about his new venture, I immediately went to his site and there I found what I’m looking for – tada! FOFO Kids:

What’s to love about them?

Since they are branding FOFO as ‘a fun and funky line of designer toys, accessories and clothing for quirky kids of all ages’, you’ll immediately have that feel just by visiting their site!

The moment I liked their page, I didn’t know I was in for a lot more exciting things: Guessing Game and Trivia galore that I even ended up googling October and those festivals and celebrations mentioned there. Yes, I really did that and I had a lot of fun. I even looked for Fofo’s definition and had a pretty amazing discovery, too!

Curious about them?

Find out for yourself and spread their love! Visit FOFO Kids Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/fofoshop?sk=app_106878476015645. Love, Rikki.

Taking Pinaywriter’s Blogging Tips at Heart

Exactly one week ago, September 16, Pinaywriter has been generous enough to write this for me http://pinaywriteroraldiarrhea2.blogspot.com/2011/09/rikki.html and gave me tips as to how to go about this whole blogging thing.

I appreciate it oh so dearly that I am really taking her tips at heart as well as the comments I received from the others that’s why one week after, here’s a checkpoint of where my blogging stint is to date taking in full consideration Pinaywriter’s 101’s:

1. Keep your blog clean. Make sure there aren’t any autoplaying or flashing flash advertisement. 

My blog’s clean. In fact it is too clean, haha. Not good, I guess. And, I really have no idea how advertisement works so I’m pretty sure this will remain clean for the next weeks or more.

2. If you are going to talk about yourself, make sure it’s interesting.

Hmmm. This one’s tough. I don’t know when I am talking about myself already and if it is interesting so I tried to talk about other things – movie, food, place and current events. And here are the feedbacks I got so far:

Blog about a Place: I’ll work hard on this.

the article lacks depth and content and need to be revised. why is the place so special that tourists or visitors will visit it. certainly its not the room, i dont find it inviting (or maybe because its beauty was not captured by the lens); how about the food served (you were silent on this), the quality of service, the beauty of the sourroundings, etc. – from a Publisher of a local lifestyle magazine

This is a very good read. ^.^ Thought I was wondering how those stuff cost. ^.^ I should go check out the link. This is a nice easy travel blog entry. Keep it up!

It would be nice to know what other stuff the place offers and how you went to that place. *Some people like me really suck at directions* – from Pinaywriter herself

Blog about a Movie: Need to improve this one.

nice post rikki.. hehe i haven’t watched any of those movies yet, but at least i have a little overview now .. keep it up! ♥ – from a friend and former colleague

Blog about Food and Current Events: Nada. No feedbacks yet.

Blogs about Myself: Just read for yourself, naks.

Nice blog, Rikkiaw! Love your entries. You’re a good writer, keep on writing! – from a marketing professional friend who’s also into blogging

You can do it Karen! you are a good writer. I still remember the editorial you write when our class was downsized in high school. :) good luck! – from a longtime friend

Hi, Rikki! I liked what you wrote. I hope you continue your passion– writing! Good job – from an alumnus

Hi Rikki! Just read your blog—you’re natural honey! I enjoyed reading most of your self-expression blurbs. Fwes my fan at follower ka nang jurassic sistah ( well not dat jurasik, i must admit :)…am trying to maintain the asim kya d ko carry na matawag na jurasik ever). Keep it coming sis–hugs, junjun. 

Hmmm… which makes me think … maybe, I’m interesting, after all! Choz.

3. Have a theme.

A former UP professor, Ms. Ai, told me this: I love the theme of your blog. so neat and chic. excited to see more posts! One point for Rikki Tick Talk, yes 🙂

4. Talk about trending topics and add your own twist to it.

I think I have a little problem when it comes to this. I remember during the Miss Universe and the Cheerdance competition, I was taking down notes the whole time for a post I might think of later on, but when everybody started talking about it already, my interest on that topic literally died down and I ended up not talking about those.

5. Be careful of trolls. Make sure you let people comment but don’t let them get away with thrasing your comment box either.

So far so good on this one.

6. Be a “first to blog about something” kind of blogger.

I’m way behind on this yet given my ‘limitations’ as of the moment. You know, not having work to finance these things for me to get there and be there first, haha. But in time.

7. Label rants as such and try to proofread the rest of your pieces.

Proofread, check. Rants, I think I’m not good at it, hehe, I’m more into spreading the love. Choz, but I’m labeling it as well as such.

8. Be a quality read.

I’ve been vocal about it from the start, I’m just a beginner, but I’m really taking time to learn so that I’ll achieve this one of these days. I really want to be a quality read and not waste other people’s time. It’s too precious for me to take it away from them.

9. Choose advertisers and servers wisely. 

Servers what? Nosebleed. Haha. Looks like I really need to call a friend on these html and domain thing. Recommendations, anyone?

10. Blog with photos.

This one, check, too. The shots need improvement but that can be done.

11. Share buttons +1 and Like buttons help

Sharing this in Facebook, done. Using the Networked App in FB, hopeless. It’s no working and I don’t know why.

12. Nuffnang or Google adsense it.

Sadly, they don’t support WordPress.com site but I already created a Nuffnang account, in case.

13. Link your fanpage or a public FB account. or your Google+ account.

I don’t have a FB fanpage and Google+ account but I’m sharing my links on the FB groups that I am a member of.

Seven out of thirteen! Not bad, halfway there. Thanks again, Pinaywriter. Keep ’em comments and feedbacks coming, everyone, and help me spread my love. Thanksies. Love, Rikki.

Excited for my Future in Blogging! In the meantime …


… I’ll work my ass out on the present. Deyng!

Blogging, I just found out, is not e-a-s-y. I even thought of going back to my planner affair – it’s way easier than it is here. I tried movie blog, travel blog, personal blog … just blog, blog, blog all I can but in the end, I feel like I’m not near to being called a blogger in any way yet.

But, I really I want to be a blogger. So, every time I think of stopping, I write and ask for feedback. Thanks to Facebook and its Friends Suggestions, I was able to keep in close contact (just a wall post or a chat or a message away) with the people I met in almost all phases of my life – college, work, social events or activities, etc., and as embarrassing as it may seem, I ask a little of their precious time to visit my site and let me know where to improve on. And I’m both surprised and delighted with the outcome.

You wouldn’t really know until you try to open yourself and humble yourself and ask for help who are those people that share the same passion and interest like you do and in the end inspire you. They are even those you’d be surprise to be so supportive and helpful in ways you don’t really expect them to be.

I’m so thankful for those people and as early as now, I really appreciate everything.

I know I still have a very looong way to go before I get everything in this blogging career in place. But, we’ll go there! Every successful story has a crazy beginning, right? I’m just starting.

Wait for me, my bright and promising future, I’m on my way to you. Love, Rikki.


Like, Comment, Share in your Real Life Interactions

An addition to the article ‘Facebook Lessons’ by Gov. Jun A. Ynares.

FB habitué [huh-bich-oo-ey].

Okay, allow me to call myself one. This is the first time I encountered this word when Gov. Ynares used this in his Manila Bulletin article last Sunday, September 4, and it sounds so beautiful I wanted to name and consider myself like one.

Admittedly, I am a frequent visitor to the Facebook site. In fact there even came a time when it became an addiction. Even when I no longer know what to share about what I am thinking, I enjoy just reading what’s on the newsfeed, just looking at my friends’ photos and just being in the loop about what’s happening to their lives. I was even caught twice by my former boss on this site while at work and trust me, the first time is quite  a thrill but the second time, it was plain awkward so I toned down a little – I tried my very best not to be caught one more time.

And a lot has happened at work and in my life since then and FB played a huge role in every twist of it that I consider it part of my life already.

And then I chanced upon this article ‘Facebook Lessons’ on my Sunday newspaper. I was intrigued as to what other lessons I might have missed so I read on.

‘A temptation I cannot afford to succumb to at the moment’

Bang. The writer wrote these words when he shared what FB is for him and it hit me right on, I can’t help not to write about it.

FB, indeed, is one hell of a temptation that it can even make or break a lot of things not just relationships.

And so I admire the writer for seeing it that way that in return prompted him to take a very noble action – acknowledging its importance by not denying its advantages in this technological world but more importantly, prioritizing other important matters, which in his case is his wife and daughters and his work as a public servant because truly, giving in to this ‘temptation’ will eat up time and it detaches one from reality.

Coincidentally, the homily last Sunday is about building community and according to the priest, one of the challenges we face in this world is preserving our identity. To address that, one joins different communities and different organizations because in a sense, those associations give us an identity as a person.

I, for one, is a testament to that. My being a member of the Shell Linear Park Tennis Association not only gives me a certain feeling of belongingness, but also a sense of identity. It speaks of the athlete in me and lawn tennis being a gentleman’s game speaks of the kind of person that I am and it also speaks of the people I am surrounded with because this particular community shares the same values and principles that its members follow by heart.

But how do we choose a community we would want to belong to? According to the homily, an ideal community is one that is built on love.

FB, being a community, should also be built on love. And whether or not we are an FB habitué, once we decide to make our presence felt on this site, we should understand that we are already being part of it and it is our responsibility to act accordingly.

Like what the writer mentioned in his article, the freedom of expression is far greater in FB than anywhere else that it has the power to make one subject for scrutiny and vulnerability. True. But why put negativity in this community?I admit being guilty of this before but it’s one of the lessons I learned.

What we are in this community shows a big part of our identity. So before you add, like, share and post something, ask yourself if that is how you want to preserve your identity.