Big Burp for Big Happiness: Kain Ahente, GenTrade slash Artista Style at Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng Sikat’

Aside from Sales and the negotiations, I enjoy eating like a true-blue ahente (salesman) whenever I work with the DS (Distributor Specialist) and his DSS (Distributor Sales Supervisor) and the Coordinator. And you’d really know whether they are working or not if they know the best places to eat in the area.

I must admit, Raffy, the DSS in CaMaNaVa did a great job on that today, I’m impressed. After that trade check and visit, he took us here: Vincent’s Place ‘Kambingan ng mga Sikat’. Curious why? Here:





But what’s really remarkable about them aside from this lineup of their celebrity guests are the food!


Vincent’s Place, I must say, is a proof that quality matters more than quantity. With very minimal variety of kambing (goat) dishes priced at P150 and above per dish, it’s still hard to decide which one to have since all are interesting to taste.

Bulalo Sinampalokan.
Sizzling Adobo with Fried Garlic *Vincent Place’s Bestseller




Gah. Extra rice, please. Oh, and water for all, Miss 🙂 Big Burp Guaranteed!

Big Burp for Big Happiness: Cintai, Corito’s Garden Cooking Class Menu

Enrolling in a culinary school has always been one of the items in my bucketlist. However, due to the tight schedule, I just made it a point to try different dishes whenever I can.

One time, when I was browsing DealGrocer’s site, this caught my attention: a Bali-inspired place in Batangas is having a Culinary Class wherein Day Tour, Food, and use of the amenities are included. I really am a lucky girl, three wonderful and exciting deals in one coupon! Loooove.

I haven’t tried Vietnamese food yet so I am quite ecstatic especially that we are the ones who will prepare our own food. Plus, Chef told us that Vietnamese food is very light but there are different layers of flavor, hmmm, interesting.

So, what’s on the menu, Chef? Pho-Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers, Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork, Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry, and for dessert, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk 🙂

Ready? Fire!


Pho Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup
This is perfect for the cold, breezy weather, not salty and not that spicy, but has lots of interesting flavor and aroma (including that of the cinnamon sticks and charred onion and garlic). If you, however, prefer the salty one, they’ve Vietnamese fish sauce and lemon wedge and hoisin that you can add.


Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers
Making this was so fun and easy, you really have to be very ‘ hands on’, literally. And Chef also gave us helpful tips on the proper way of putting all these together.

The flavor of this food comes from the sauce and this is so easy to prepare. Good with wine and beer, according to Chef. Translation, pulutan 🙂


Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork
This is my favorite. I just can’t describe how subtle the flavor is but it has that super delicious taste that can make you eat more. This, a must cook 😮




Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry
I’m not a fan of curry but this one changed my mind. No strong curry taste, but it has that beautiful combination of all the spices that makes curry a curry, less the cumin. The yellow ginger flavor, mmmmm, tasty.



And last but not the least, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk. The dessert with an amazing surprise 🙂 Aaah, subtly surprising, Cintai’s guests’ favorite.


Worried about the drinks? They serve fresh buko juice and iced tea as their welcome treat for girsts. And they also serve iced tea and water during mealtime (and rice, one big bowl and one small bowl). They also have a bar inside the area in case you want an alcoholic drink and some videoke love.

Truly Big Burp, guaranteed! 🙂

Big Burp for Big Happiness: NoMama Love with the Office Tuhtays (Post-Father’s Day Treat?)

The weather’s very inviting for a hot soup on that rainy afternoon, we just had a very productive meeting and we were all starving. Nah, we all just love to eat when we’re all together. And when it comes to the hardest part of choosing which food place to go to – that I can contribute. NoMama!

I just saw it being featured a couple of times already so it’s already included in my bucketlist. One of the perks of keeping tabs of what I’ve read or of what I’ve watched 🙂 Win-Win for all of us 😮

So, off we go (me and my office Tuhtays: my first Boss, Boss Edoard aka Joko Diaz, my second Boss, Boss Kirby aka Derek torn between Ann and Christine and Sir Butch aka John Lloyd) to Scout Tuazon in Quezon City.

Oh, thanks by the way to the Waze app, super duper mega reliable buddy! From our office in C3, Waze found us the most convenient route so we’re already at the place in just 30mins. No traffic, no hazzle. Good job!

So, what made all of us happy and our tummies full?

The place: Cool, isn’t it. NoMama. I love just the sound of it. Not to mention it’s located at Laging Handa, Quezon City, which started all the ‘clean’ jokes we had all ramen-time. Plus, Ms. Ara Mina on the other table.


The Ambiance: Super cozy, lovelovelove. A place where you could really have all the space for you and your ramen.


The Food: Just thinking about their food makes me want to go back to NoMama once again. From their Pork Gyoza (P125) to their Bayani Brew (I got this for free, yey, thanks to their promo), everything is good.

The Ramen Overload!: Waaah, look at all these Ramen!
Thai Green Curry Ramen (P322.00)

NoMama Ramen (P337.00)

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen (P420.00)


Plus, their staff Vam, who is so great at customer service. She’s so natural. No hardselling, just honest to goodness recommendation for first timers like us. She’s so generous to inform us all of their promos. My favorite: the P1.00 Junior Ramen. Interested about that? Visit NoMama and look for Vam.

Big Burp Guaranteed! Love, Rikki

Frabelle Foods First TV Commercial

And the BIG NEWS was finally revealed yesterday, June 2, 2012! The good news: ‘Ang lasang nakasanayan niyo na, may ISASARAP pa’. Because here at Frabelle Foods, the products are ‘SADYANG PINASARAP’

Watch it here:

Tell us what you think about it and help us spread the good news!

Amici at ATC

For friends who are catching up and will be coming from different places, meeting in the middle is the best option and that is Alabang Town Center for the four of us. Since we haven’t seen each other for the longest time, a heartfelt conversation and a ‘tummy-ful’ of food are a must.

So off we go to Amici and indulge ourselves on these delectable Italian dishes perfect for the love story Lui unraveled before us – good food, good company and a good love story – one of my best Sundates (I really oh so love Sundays).

Trivia: Amici is Friends in Latin

Appetizer: Mozzarella Frito P150 (Fried Mozzarella with Pomodoro Sauce)

Our First Pasta Dish: Penne Al Salmone Affumicato P240 (Pasta with Smoked Salmon)

Our Second Pasta Dish: Spinach Fusili Montanara P210 (Homemade fresh pasta)

The Bestseller: Margherita Pizza P280 (Mozzarella cheese and fresh Basil)

This is Just so Delish 🙂

Dessert: Caramia's Pistachio Gelato P230 (This is one of the best I've ever tasted)

Full and Happy 🙂

Kain Ahente: Welcome to the SalesMAN’s World, Rikki

When I was still in Sales Operations, PG Attack is what me and my colleagues used to call our food and venue escapades. We love the oculars almost all the hotels in town offer us. Ocular for us is equivalent to buffet lunch or buffet dinner – and who are we to reject that?

Argh … buffet is love! And buffet is one of our weaknesses.

And because we so love each other, when Lola Erwin or I get an invite from Picasso or Manila Hotel or Diamond Hotel or Hyatt or Traders or Shang or New World or whatever hotel that is so generous to invite us for that, it is always a package deal – three of us minimum.

Lola Erwin and I are the staples because he handles big events and I handle small events, trainings, meetings and workshops and then it’s either Beb Mike or Crea or Faith from Trade Marketing we tug along with us and we gained friends especially hotel sales executives because we are so honest about that *wink.

Now that I’m in Field Sales, PG Attack is no longer applicable.

One. The five of us is no longer connected with one company and it’s only fun doing that in group. Two. We barely see each other 😦 and that kind of attack needs a lot of planning *choz, a lot of alignment of our busy schedules. Three. With the new line of work that I’m into, PG attack has evolved to kain-construction-worker. And this is the kain-ahente I am now getting used to.

November 12, 2011. Welcome to the salesMAN‘s world, Rikki! Fieldwork in Blumentritt area. ‘Cowboy ka ba?’ They asked. ‘See and find out’ 🙂

Part 1. Breakfast like a Man. Blumentritt sidewalk.


Pares or Lomi with Sinangag Rice (P35.00). Best with toyo and calamansi and paminta (soysauce, calamansi, black pepper)


Also best to be eaten with the regular customers (table sharing is being practiced)

I ended up eating 2 cups of their sinangag, 1 pares and 1 bottle of softdrink. *Full. The regular customers even advised us to come back next time to try the matang-baka. *Gulp.

Part 2. Lunch like a Real Salesman. Wilma’s Eatery. Aurora Blvd. Sta. Cruz, Manila.


One of their Bestsellers: Nilaga

(Bone ‘Narrow’ overload, gah, I missed Chubs and his playdead stuff in Tagaytay while we’re eating something like this)


Note to Self: In Sales, extra rice is always a must.

Reasons why they are so popular: Grilled liempo and fish


Before and After


It’s so affordable! P255.00 for 3 cups of rice, 1 order of nilaga, 1 grilled liempo, 1 grilled tilapia, 1 liter of softdrinks. *Burp

Now I know why almost all the salespeople have ‘THAT’ tummy. And yeah, it’s true, indeed, when you’re in Sales, you know all the best food places and the best food in town! Cowboy? Nah. I really feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body. Choz. Hahaha.

I so love my job! 🙂 I really don’t mind working on weekends. I’m a happy salesperson, bow. Love, Rikki.