Monday Breadcrumbs: ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’

I asked and these words I received in minutes: ‘Just Do What’s Right’ and ‘Finding Hope’. You truly are amazing, Papa God, Your ways, I have no words for them. I’m humbled. I feel so blessed and so loved by You. Thank you, Lord ❤

Excerpts from yesterday and today's Our Daily Bread':

‘Yielding to Christ in all of our desires and decisions regardless of the outcome is what sets us apart in a world full of people consumed by their own interests … so if you want to light up your world in a compelling way, just do what’s right!’

‘No one is immune to feelings of despair…in a defiant step of faith … not to forget about God … there is always hope in God’


Mushy Sunday: I Wish, I Wish, I Wish

I saw a wishing ‘pond’ at a bar I and some friends went to in Timog area the other night and fell so in love with their ‘sign’:

‘Each coin has a tale to tell, a wish hidden in every toss. A little light of hope in every ripple that it makes, A chance that tomorrow will be another day. What’s your wish today?’

So I tossed a one peso coin on that pond and wished for *****. Haha. I wished for ** and I wished for true happiness and love. And then a light of hope sparked.

What’s your wish today?