Sunday Breadcrumbs: ‘What You Are is God’s Blessing, What You Become Is Your Gift to God’

Dear Lord, experiencing Your blessings abundantly humbles me every single time that it scares me not being able to act on its purpose – Your purpose for me and for those blessings You are lovingly showering me with.

I never imagined this kind of bliss is possible. True indeed, with You, God, nothing is impossible.

Thank you, Papa Jesus. I pray that You continue to guide me, Lord. For YOU to continue to lead my life and fill my heart with so much love for people to see Your goodness and all the Glory be bestowed upon You.

I know there are no coincidences with You. After hearing the mass last night on my way home, Manong driver unexpectedly turned on his stereo and started playing ‘The Gift’.

I hear Your message clearly, Lord. Thank You so dearly for always speaking directly to me in a lot of ways. A special gift I want to become for You. I lift and surrender myself to You, Papa God. Use me for Your purpose. Amen.

Saturday Thoughtsy: Sentimental Scribbles

One of the downsides of not having Saturday work: reading my old planners ❤

The ones written in black ink, my bucketlist before I turn 26. The notes in pink, my accomplishments after less than a year. I'm 27 now, I only wanted these but I was given all these and more!

Thankful and grateful! *loved *blessed. ❤ ❤ ❤


Crash Course in Sales: Starting Right to Realizing the Law of the Big Mo (Momentum)

July 1, 2013. It’s official today: TriDiamonds. After one year, eight months, and twelve days, here we are, some of the remaining pioneers of Frabelle Corporation pioneering another gem, the TriDiamonds Corporation.

And here I am, back to my Monday checkpoint with myself: my purpose and my cause in this world.

I randomly grabbed a book, randomly opened a page and here’s what I got: ‘page 203, Small Beginnings’ of the Law of the Big Mo chapter of John C. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Leaders always find a way to make things happen

‘…they were all sliding backward fast, and they needed something to move them forward. (He) was disappointed, but he refused to give up…he knew that if he could help his students experience a few wins, build their confidence, and give them hope, he could move them forward…and all along he modeled hard work, dedication to excellence, and ganas-desire’

I remembered when we were starting in Frabelle. We literally started from scratch introducing the company and the brand to whoever we come across with and then with baby steps we opened one Modern Trade chain and one GenTrade stall after another until finally, we earned some credibility, earned a little niche in this Fast Moving Consumers Goods industry.

And now, a turnabout.

The Law of the Big Mo (Momentum) is right: ‘getting started is a struggle, but once you’re moving forward, you can really start to do some amazing things’.

Momentum begins within the individual leader. It starts with vision, passion and enthusiasm. It starts with energy…’You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own’

What was my burning desire? Sales. Putting systems in place. Sharing this gift. Chasing dreams. Follow-throughs. Making a difference.

If only I was given a chance to talk this morning, I would talk about this. ‘The steps forward weren’t huge, but it was building a momentum’.

Same like with each of the *David in us. (*symbolism of each Frabelle Foods salesperson). Whenever I recall our first selling day, I see that ganas in all of us. I still remember that ‘gigil’ and I still feel those hearts. Those salesmen whose hearts acquired great momentum that do not want to do anything to get in its way.

I was not able to give a little talk this morning, but every time, in the near future, that I will … I will always bring us one step back to where we started, to that 3am ceremony, build the momentum in the hearts of my colleagues then we will all move two steps forward while we shout this out loud: Frabelle Foods, start right, finish strong. Hoo-Haa!


Crash Course in Sales: The Law of Influence

The true measure of leadership is influence – John C. Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

I was organizing my photos in my phone when I chance upon this newspaper clipping from our GM, Boss NMT. And then I remembered how he influenced me in a good lot of ways.


1. It’s so easy for him to throw a compliment.

I was new in Frabelle then when one afternoon, when I was remitting my collection, he suddenly uttered, ‘magaling ka palang magsulat. I’ve read your blog. It’s been an unexpected motivating pressure that I welcomed ever since that I replicate when I was also given a chance to have people under me. I made sure to always recognize and compliment small or big successes of our team.

2. He’s thoughtful in his gifts.

My love for reading came back when during our very first Rara in Sales on our first month of selling, he gave out ‘Straight from the Heart’ prayer books for the dealers but since I was the only girl in that group that time, I was given my own copy as well. And then I’ve been lucky enough to be given more books by him during important sales celebrations: The Greatest Salesman in the World 2 and How to Win Friends and Influence People. Then I made sure I have lots of books (opened and unopened) in my car every time so that when any situation calls for it, I have a ready gift for my dearies, on the spot. One can never go wrong with good books.

3. He has unwavering commitment to having high standards when it comes to quality and execution that made me love my chosen profession even more.

He knows when to challenge the team and he knows when to say the right words when the team needed it the most. He takes time to really share what he has read that he thinks will help the team. So I, in turn, make time as well to download those to my team and to really put high value to the standards he had set for the Company.

Our interaction may be short but his influence lingers – a great leader, indeed, one of my inspirations. I was also able to save some of his texts:

‘Found this quote today (author unknown): ‘A diamond is simply a lump of coal that did well under pressure’ Go T**D******* team! Hoo-haah’

‘Nice. That’s what admirable about your work attitude. Keep it up Rikki. :)’

‘I’m glad you found the book meaningful. I wish it will influence you positively as much as it has helped me develop personally and professionally. Keep up the good work. Keep the faith and fortitude. Happy New Year! :)’

THANK YOU, Boss Noel!

‘No matter what anybody else may tell you, remember that leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less’ – John C. Maxwell


Saturday Thoughtsy: When You Feel the Weakest…

… it is when the power of loving is at its strongest.

Loving the strangers you happen to pass by throwing punches at each other by making an effort to look for policemen while everyone else was just watching even if that caused your being late on the last day of your training.

Loving the old lover who never get tired waiting and asking for a second chance by finally recognizing all the efforts and the patience and the love he was showering you from the start up to these days, almost ten years in the making.

Loving the friend who treats you like an enemy by making her feel loved despite all the accusations and wrong judgments, you still want the best for her and you still consider her a friend.

Loving your colleagues by finally opening up a little, one mini-carnap/hijack-ride-lambing at a time.

Loving the dear dear friend who always stay with you no matter what the weather is by being honest and by sharing and entrusting all your deepest thoughts and deepest feelings as if you two are just one.

Loving the daddy who since you were young provided for all your needs and for all your wants by surprising him with a takeout early dinner that only the two of you shared over daddy-and-daughter catch-up session.

Loving the mommy and the little sister by sharing all your blessings so the two of them could spend quality time over shopping and not worry about anything else by taking care of what they’ve left behind.

Loving all the people you’ve come in contact with until evening by sharing some smile, uttering sincere thank you’s, empathizing with whatever it is they’re feeling.

Loving and then loving some more. Because during our weakest, God’s love is at its strongest. We only have to share it, to show it, and to speak of it.

As Gretchen Rubin identified in her Happiness Project , her Twelfth Commandment is this: ‘There is only love’. There.

Thursday Thoughtsy: Bittersweet

Phase like this, I only have to open my old planners and voilah: sensible words that caught my attention few day/s or year/s ago and are still working the same magic to my inner being.

Say, like this one: Bittersweet: when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. when life is bitter, say thank you and grow

It’s really amazing how things are always at the right time and at the right moment when you need them to be. But the most important about all these – taking action.

What I have learned before the hardest, I shall apply now. Work is like any relationship, if they don’t see your worth and are taking you for granted, have the decency to walk away and regain your self. After all, God knows my heart and my dreams, and all these, I lift to Him. Your will be done, Lord. Lots of love, Rikki 🙂

Monday Thoughtsy: New Chapter, Never-Changing Purpose

In times of uncertainties, you’d really know you have an amazing God when after sending in your real-life angel to reinforce His love and your purpose in this life, he still found way to talk to you in another amazing way. The Daily Bread thoughtsy waiting for me when I got home: about ‘Pressing On’. Thank you, Lord, you’re spoiling me with so much love, will do the same to the people around me. I love you