Reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Valkyries in the Spirit of Christmas: Love, Courage and God’s Glory

In my attempt to make this celebration a meaningful one, beyond spending it with family and dearies, I decided to open this gift to self book I have long bought and is reserving for special occasion or for right moment to read and to explore.

I was first caught with this question on the first paragraph: ‘Something that is of great importance to me?’

And then the book ended up talking of love – true love, of courage to win and of angels. And reading it at this time when Jesus was born, I kind of connected these words J. said to Paulo in this occasion:

You have died and been reborn many times. All you have to do is remember

We do this yearly. We remember God’s love every 25th of December when he gave us Jesus. And then we become merry and joyous because we know we are loved and we are blessed. But what else do we need to remember?

It is for love, for victory and for the glory of God


‘Love of God and of others shows us the way. Accept all that is wrong about us – and despite it, believe that we are deserving of a happy life – little by little our defects will disappear, because one who is happy can look at the world only with love


Have courage! Open your heart, and listen to what your dreams tell you. Follow those dreams, because only a person who is not ashamed can manifest the glory of God


You will still have many problems in your life, some of them normal, some of them difficult. But from now on, only God’s hand will be responsible for everything – you will interfere no more

God has the right to destroy me. I do not

If all these are that easy and simple, why is this question so disturbingly enlightening: Why do we always kill the things that we love?

And here are the words from Paulo in an attempt to make sense of it – of killing the things we love:

Because (we) are desperately in need of help. (We) have won important things for (ourselves), but we are going to destroy them, because we tell (ourselves) that they have lost their meaning. (We) know it’s not true. (We) know they are still important, and if (we) destroy them, (we’ll) be destroying ourselves as well … it’s just that the unknown was becoming too familiar to (us)

And Valhalla’s words:

Everyone has at some point in our lives, enter into such an agreement (not to win when victory is possible) … before long, (we) had destroyed all meaning in (our) lives because (we) just didn’t care about (ourselves) anymore

And it all boils down to finding meaning in our life – to answering the why’s? Why are we doing some things? Why are we celebrating this occasion? Why do we love and still believe in angels?

I kind of see myself in Rhoda who ‘have loved many … but spurned true love’.

And in Valhalla herself who, compared to Chris, Paulo’s wife, Valhalla ‘knew the arts of war by heart but had forgotten the lessons of love, knew the five rules of victory and had slept with every man she desires but she had forgotten the art of love’

May we all have a meaningful celebration this Christmas and may we not forget to spread love and light to all we come across with!

Some things are so important that you have to learn them on your own


Monday Breadcrumbs: ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’

I asked and these words I received in minutes: ‘Just Do What’s Right’ and ‘Finding Hope’. You truly are amazing, Papa God, Your ways, I have no words for them. I’m humbled. I feel so blessed and so loved by You. Thank you, Lord ❤

Excerpts from yesterday and today's Our Daily Bread':

‘Yielding to Christ in all of our desires and decisions regardless of the outcome is what sets us apart in a world full of people consumed by their own interests … so if you want to light up your world in a compelling way, just do what’s right!’

‘No one is immune to feelings of despair…in a defiant step of faith … not to forget about God … there is always hope in God’


Sunday Breadcrumbs: Not What you Have But Who you Are

‘What really matters?’
‘Not what you have, but who you are’

The easiest way to be evangelists is to be who we are – people of JOY. Let us seek what is above, not what is of earth. Money is not the root of all evils, the love for money is.

Three key points in the homily tonight:

1. Our time in this world is limited
2. Be thankful, be grateful because everything we have is God’s grace
3. Do not be afraid to share, to give because what you give will be given back to you a hundredfold

‘We are loved and we are called to love’

Chasing Dreams: Rikki’s Quick Guide to Enjoying Deal Grocer Coupon and to Have Fun on your Way to Cintai, Corito’s Garden

Forgive me for still talking about this but due to insistent ‘public’ demand, here’s a guide to getting all your money’s worth on a coupon and more!

First timer? Same here. How to go about it?

1. Check good travel deals on DealGrocer (
2. Ignore the usual, look for not usually heard of destinations
3. Pay
4. Save the confirmation e-mail
5. Wait for the right time *i already bought a number of coupons without really having a definite plan when to use them, but I make sure I know when they will expire *wink

When you feel, it is already the right time for it, book your reservation. It only needs a phone call or an e-mail and you’re ready to go. *special thanks to Brenda of the DealGrocer team for being so helpful

Once the booking was confirmed, file for a leave (at least a day’s notice) and shout out to the beautiful world how excited you are to be one with it and the Universe once again. Before you know it, World is showering you with lots of love

What’s next?

1. Download Waze app so you won’t get lost
2. Google the directions if for reason you don’t know, Waze wasn’t that helpful
3. You’d only know the shortcut after you have traveled the long path, so be patient and find joy in getting lost. Look around, ask for help, and admit you’re being lost.

When you finally reached your destination, spread love to the world and to the people because paradise like Cintai, Corito’s Garden becomes a bliss when it is shared 🙂

How to get there?

1. Shortcut: SLEX, Star Expressway, Lipa exit, turn left on Caltex on the left side of the road going to Malvar, drive for 6km more and voilah, on your left 🙂

2. Longcut: SLEX, then this: Tanauan, Batangas

and this: Malvar, Batangas

and this: Lipa City

and this: Brgy. Bulacnin

and this spooky interesting arc: Balete

and finally, this! Cintai, Corito’s Garden. seriously, who would miss this

Touchdown paradise. Now, enjoy 🙂


Love, Rikki

Sunday Thoughtsy: Mean and Witty Friends Make Life Happy and Colorful :)

I can’t be more thankful enough. Being blessed by mean and witty dearies, what else could I ask for!

The ones who would give you options either Quick and Easy or Long and Tormenting and all agree on the the long and tormenting. (Haha, yeah we’re ‘masokista’ like that)

The ones who would tell you to be stern or just ignore it, but the ones who are first to explain when confronted, hahaha. I’m blessed.

No wonder we all love Mean Girls. ‘So fetch.’ Haha, see you all tonight! Advance happy, happy, burdei girl-soon-to-be-wed Luiwiwiwi!


Saturday Thoughtsy: When You Feel the Weakest…

… it is when the power of loving is at its strongest.

Loving the strangers you happen to pass by throwing punches at each other by making an effort to look for policemen while everyone else was just watching even if that caused your being late on the last day of your training.

Loving the old lover who never get tired waiting and asking for a second chance by finally recognizing all the efforts and the patience and the love he was showering you from the start up to these days, almost ten years in the making.

Loving the friend who treats you like an enemy by making her feel loved despite all the accusations and wrong judgments, you still want the best for her and you still consider her a friend.

Loving your colleagues by finally opening up a little, one mini-carnap/hijack-ride-lambing at a time.

Loving the dear dear friend who always stay with you no matter what the weather is by being honest and by sharing and entrusting all your deepest thoughts and deepest feelings as if you two are just one.

Loving the daddy who since you were young provided for all your needs and for all your wants by surprising him with a takeout early dinner that only the two of you shared over daddy-and-daughter catch-up session.

Loving the mommy and the little sister by sharing all your blessings so the two of them could spend quality time over shopping and not worry about anything else by taking care of what they’ve left behind.

Loving all the people you’ve come in contact with until evening by sharing some smile, uttering sincere thank you’s, empathizing with whatever it is they’re feeling.

Loving and then loving some more. Because during our weakest, God’s love is at its strongest. We only have to share it, to show it, and to speak of it.

As Gretchen Rubin identified in her Happiness Project , her Twelfth Commandment is this: ‘There is only love’. There.

Words Only True People Who Love You Would Dare Say: No. 4

Must be the full moon tonight, I dared open these pages again. Just getting a glimpse *wink

‘Baka kasi you are justifying your need for him. And na siya yung nagbibigay strength sa’yo. Kaya siya yung lagi mong nilalapitan. For all you know, ready ka na pala mag-let go. Pero pinipigilan mo sarili mo. It’s too early to say. Give yourself time talaga and pray nga. Don’t try looking for answers, kasi pipilitin mo lang yun. Magiging clear din ang lahat’