Crash Course in Sales: Persuasive Selling Format

I was preparing since yesterday for my meeting today with our General Manager and I remember his telling us during the Sales School we conducted last month that Persuasive Selling Format is not just limited to Sales transactions but is applicable to our everyday life as well.

I’m trying to master the PSF for the past weeks so I used it with him this morning.

PSF at work *examples written below were already paraphrased:

1. Summarize the Situation:
Boss, I want to add more value to the company but I’m not sure if I’m doing it as what is expected of me – if I’m fulfilling my purpose.

2. State the Idea
I would just like to align with you on some things including your expectations to me and my team to ensure that I/we am/are still on track with our organization’s goals when it comes to item 1, item 2, etc.

3. Explain how it works
Based on how I understand our major program, it should be executed this way but based on the trade visit I did at Commonwealth yesterday, there were gaps that will greatly help improve the sales performance if those will be addressed immediately. Insight one, insight 2, insight 3 … Aside from this item, other insights are this and this, etc. But that was just one insight at one site. I want to understand the whole picture this month so I’m targeting to visit at least 14 sites until end of the month. *shows the proposed coverage plan for the whole month of November

4. Reinforce the Benefits
Being the Trade Marketing Officer, I want to own this project – be the system/process owner. I can help the team in executing it smoothly and flawlessly by properly guiding and demonstrating how it works in actual situations. At the same time, have a deeper understanding of the whole program myself so I can give the management team in return insights that were data-based and data that were from different sites with different peculiarities.

5. Close
So, for this month, Boss, I’ll focus on this and this and I’m planning to do this and this and run this by this date, if okay with you.

The ending – all were approved and more! PSF ❤

Crash Course in Sales: The Marketing in Trade Marketing

After days of budgeting for 2014, my much anticipated TAO Marketing Community General Assembly, with 60-70 ‘members’, that was originally scheduled months ago finally pushed through today, November 8, 2013, amidst the Yolanda scare in the news (the ‘monster’ storm to hit the Philippines).

As excited as always, I was there an hour earlier so I can get to fully read the pre-work case study given to us as assignment.

Being the Trade Marketing Officer in our company, TriDiamonds Corporation, which is just barely four months old as one of the subsidiaries of THI under TAO, and coming from the two-year old start-up company Frabelle Corporation as Key Accounts Specialist and Trade Marketing Officer, my interactions are mostly with the Sales people while the Marketing side/part happens only when we have new promos/programs/products coming up, not to mention that Trade Marketing in these two companies have been, most of the time, a one-woman team while Marketing, up to now, is almost always a two-woman team so we rarely get to have that quality time to really sit down and just talk about Marketing.

We were so absorbed by Sales, and this is not a bad thing – this, in fact is what lacks in other companies that I know , that this marketing assembly that will just focus on Marketing is a much needed breather and is so timely, not only because it’s the planning season but also because I’ve been having internal debates/conflicts the past weeks as to what am I really doing here? what is really the sense/purpose of my job in our organization? am I adding value to it? am I doing it properly? what are the things I really should be doing and I should start to stop doing?

And then we were given green cards and orange cards.

What do we honestly expect from this session?
What does it mean to become a Marketing person in our respective companies?

I’m honestly craving for an in-depth knowledge of Marketing so I can improve my performance in our team and help our team grow.

Marketing for me is about timing (being at the right time) and positioning (being at the right place/segment). And being the marketing person in TriDiamonds Corporation, I (should) set the pace and the excitement in the organization. *This,of course, is in proper alignment with both Sales and Marketing

And this I realized while I was listening to our speakers/facilitators – Marketing is also always about making choices, taking calculated and creative risks and betting on it.

Making choices in terms of deciding who to target, what to expect from the consumer and how to do it. Taking calculated (sometimes crazy) risks as to deciding if it’s the right time to do it or if it’s the best person to represent it. Taking creative risks as to coming up with campaigns/lines that will reach the hearts of the consumers that will also stick to their mind. And betting on it since Marketing expenses are costly.

Now that I seem to grasp what marketing is, I still have to figure out who are we, really?

Let me quote Ms. Ciao Esbaldon, who is the head of our marketing community:

Marketing people should never, ever, be walked over

There’s more to our colorful and exciting PowerPoint presentations – ‘they are not just for show’ – they are for sending across the message in the most visual/best way possible for it to get through the target audience.

I’m so thankful I never missed this assembly for the world. Community gives us identity and marketing community like this in our company keeps me on track. I’m excited as ever! Baby steps, Rikkiaw.