Taking Pinaywriter’s Blogging Tips at Heart

Exactly one week ago, September 16, Pinaywriter has been generous enough to write this for me http://pinaywriteroraldiarrhea2.blogspot.com/2011/09/rikki.html and gave me tips as to how to go about this whole blogging thing.

I appreciate it oh so dearly that I am really taking her tips at heart as well as the comments I received from the others that’s why one week after, here’s a checkpoint of where my blogging stint is to date taking in full consideration Pinaywriter’s 101’s:

1. Keep your blog clean. Make sure there aren’t any autoplaying or flashing flash advertisement. 

My blog’s clean. In fact it is too clean, haha. Not good, I guess. And, I really have no idea how advertisement works so I’m pretty sure this will remain clean for the next weeks or more.

2. If you are going to talk about yourself, make sure it’s interesting.

Hmmm. This one’s tough. I don’t know when I am talking about myself already and if it is interesting so I tried to talk about other things – movie, food, place and current events. And here are the feedbacks I got so far:

Blog about a Place: I’ll work hard on this.

the article lacks depth and content and need to be revised. why is the place so special that tourists or visitors will visit it. certainly its not the room, i dont find it inviting (or maybe because its beauty was not captured by the lens); how about the food served (you were silent on this), the quality of service, the beauty of the sourroundings, etc. – from a Publisher of a local lifestyle magazine

This is a very good read. ^.^ Thought I was wondering how those stuff cost. ^.^ I should go check out the link. This is a nice easy travel blog entry. Keep it up!

It would be nice to know what other stuff the place offers and how you went to that place. *Some people like me really suck at directions* – from Pinaywriter herself

Blog about a Movie: Need to improve this one.

nice post rikki.. hehe i haven’t watched any of those movies yet, but at least i have a little overview now .. keep it up! ♥ – from a friend and former colleague

Blog about Food and Current Events: Nada. No feedbacks yet.

Blogs about Myself: Just read for yourself, naks.

Nice blog, Rikkiaw! Love your entries. You’re a good writer, keep on writing! – from a marketing professional friend who’s also into blogging

You can do it Karen! you are a good writer. I still remember the editorial you write when our class was downsized in high school. :) good luck! – from a longtime friend

Hi, Rikki! I liked what you wrote. I hope you continue your passion– writing! Good job – from an alumnus

Hi Rikki! Just read your blog—you’re natural honey! I enjoyed reading most of your self-expression blurbs. Fwes my fan at follower ka nang jurassic sistah ( well not dat jurasik, i must admit :)…am trying to maintain the asim kya d ko carry na matawag na jurasik ever). Keep it coming sis–hugs, junjun. 

Hmmm… which makes me think … maybe, I’m interesting, after all! Choz.

3. Have a theme.

A former UP professor, Ms. Ai, told me this: I love the theme of your blog. so neat and chic. excited to see more posts! One point for Rikki Tick Talk, yes 🙂

4. Talk about trending topics and add your own twist to it.

I think I have a little problem when it comes to this. I remember during the Miss Universe and the Cheerdance competition, I was taking down notes the whole time for a post I might think of later on, but when everybody started talking about it already, my interest on that topic literally died down and I ended up not talking about those.

5. Be careful of trolls. Make sure you let people comment but don’t let them get away with thrasing your comment box either.

So far so good on this one.

6. Be a “first to blog about something” kind of blogger.

I’m way behind on this yet given my ‘limitations’ as of the moment. You know, not having work to finance these things for me to get there and be there first, haha. But in time.

7. Label rants as such and try to proofread the rest of your pieces.

Proofread, check. Rants, I think I’m not good at it, hehe, I’m more into spreading the love. Choz, but I’m labeling it as well as such.

8. Be a quality read.

I’ve been vocal about it from the start, I’m just a beginner, but I’m really taking time to learn so that I’ll achieve this one of these days. I really want to be a quality read and not waste other people’s time. It’s too precious for me to take it away from them.

9. Choose advertisers and servers wisely. 

Servers what? Nosebleed. Haha. Looks like I really need to call a friend on these html and domain thing. Recommendations, anyone?

10. Blog with photos.

This one, check, too. The shots need improvement but that can be done.

11. Share buttons +1 and Like buttons help

Sharing this in Facebook, done. Using the Networked App in FB, hopeless. It’s no working and I don’t know why.

12. Nuffnang or Google adsense it.

Sadly, they don’t support WordPress.com site but I already created a Nuffnang account, in case.

13. Link your fanpage or a public FB account. or your Google+ account.

I don’t have a FB fanpage and Google+ account but I’m sharing my links on the FB groups that I am a member of.

Seven out of thirteen! Not bad, halfway there. Thanks again, Pinaywriter. Keep ’em comments and feedbacks coming, everyone, and help me spread my love. Thanksies. Love, Rikki.

Proud Iska … Bow.

Nakalimutan ko na ang pakiramdam kung paano maging isang Iska pero naaalala ko kung paano ako naging instant celebrity nang isa ako sa aanim na estudyante sa aming batch sa aming mumunting bayan na nakapasa sa UPCAT. Sikat.

Naaalala ko rin na sa bawat sem, hindi kung ilang grade ang nakuha mo ang pinag-uusapan kung hindi ay kung nakapasa ka ba o hindi? Siyempre mahalaga ang numero pero sa UP, hindi lang sa numero nakikita kung ano ang pinaghirapan mo. 3.0 man yan o 2.75, alam ng kahit na sinong taga-UP na dugo at pawis ang katumbas niyan. Astig, di ba?

Nang kinukuha ko na sa entablado ang ‘diploma’ ko, maging ako hindi makapaniwala. Kahit pa ang grad pic ko na suot-suot ang mahiwagang sablay na nakalagay lang sa wallet ko hindi pa rin makapagkumbinsi sa akin na isa talaga akong Iska. Kaloka.

At nang nagsimula na akong maghanap ng trabaho, nakakabit na sa pangalan ko ang UP graduate na titulo. Ang angas ng dating, kakaiba.

Pero nakalimot ako. Akala ko ganon na lang yun – pangalan, titulo.

Nang naghahanap na uli ako ng trabaho, pinaalala sa akin uli ang kahalagahan ng pangalang iyon. ‘No need for you to take the pre-employment exam‘ – sabi ng National Sales Manager na nag-interview sken. Isa rin pala siyang UP grad at nagulat ako kung paano niya tinitingnan at nirirespeto ang mga kapwa-Isko at Iska niya na pare-parehong naghirap sa UPCAT at naghirap maka-graduate dito. Sobrang taas.

Nakalimot ako pero kahapon habang nakatutok ako sa cheerdance competition kasama ang mga orgmate ko, bumalik lahat. Sakto rin, ngayong linggong ito, talaga namang puro taga-UP ang laman ng mga balita – hindi man sinasadya o nagkataon lamang, saktong-sakto ang cheer ng UP Pep Squad kahapon.

U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas! 

Matatapang, Matatalino!

Sept. 13 – UP graduate Shamcey Supsup’s winning the 3rd Runner-up Miss Universe crown and her fierce answer that truly displayed a woman of beauty, brains and essence.

Walang takot kahit kanino!

Sept. 15 – Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s controversial RH Bill speech in UP Diliman.

Hindi, hindi magpapahuli!

Sept.16 – Newly-elected 20th UP Pesident Pascual’s vision to mark the path and launch UP towards greatness during his term by upholding honor and excellence and existing to serve the people.

Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!

Sept. 17 – UP pep-squad’s  back-to-back championship in the 2011 Samsung Cheerdance Competition.

Not Another Miss Universe Post


Commentary on the article Beauty and Belief

I was about to write something similar to this 😮 The Q&A portion of the Miss Universe this year, not just Shamcey’s part, has opened a lot of windows when it comes to cultural differences yet their answers seem to reflect basically the same thing – respect. And it’s a good sign that no matter how different we all seem to be, we are on the same page when it comes to the fundamentals of life.

First Day Preparations

If there is one thing I really look forward to since I got back is working again. Life being a bum is no fun – well, at least for me. And when I finally signed that offer last Monday stating my being a career woman again effective September 15, I couldn’t contain my happiness.

I am so excited big time! Well, I finally get that job I am praying for and I already see myself getting back on track to achieving my BIG dreams. Two days – I told myself – two days and this bumming around will finally come to its glorious end. Whew.

The countdown:

Two Days to Go. Tuesday is the world’s most beautiful day in the universe. So, after watching the Miss Universe pageant, I got so inspired with all those gorgeous candidates and told myself I want my first day at my new work to be my most beautiful day as well.

Also, based on my experience in my previous work, first look (including the accessories), not the first impression, lasts! Trust me, it does – that’s what made my high heels and my big loop earrings famous in that company 😮

But that was already taken care of. My problem really is my hair. It’s dead. It’s actually beyond damaged so I just described it dead – I had it curled and it died. Poor hair. And whenever I go to the salon to have it fixed, the hairdressers are literally giving up on it. They said it’s hopeless.

So, this has been my motto: when the hairdressers give up on my hair … I don’t.

what to do?

rikki's scissors to the rescue!

now i'm ready 😮

One Day to Go. Hair Done. Clothes Checked. I even already arranged with my mom what packed lunch I would want for my first day because last time she prepared one for me, it was a competitor’s product so I ended up not eating the whole time I was in that office. And then I remember – mani and pedi. So off I go to the salon once more – nude pink instead of the bright neon pink for the career woman that I soon will be am.

Past 8pm – hours before THE day. After dinner, I convinced myself to skip the Koreanovela (Pure Love) I am getting hooked into the past days because I want my first day to be special. I’ll sleep early and just start things right.

And then that call – from Marla of HR. And then from the National Sales Manager. October 3 is the new September 15.

Looks like my bumming around is only getting happier and happier! Cheers 😮