Tuesday Thoughtsy: Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts

‘When every day seems the same, that is because people have stopped noticing the good things that appear in their lives every time the sun crosses the sky’ – The Alchemist

San Fernando, La Union. Sunrise, Beach, Beach Buddies, Beer, Skimboarding.

Crash Course in Sales: Focus

FOCUS as shared by our former GM means ‘Face One Course Until (you) Succeed’. Check. But of course, you also have to always ‘keep the fire burning’.

After all, ‘you cannot run a full throttle when applying your mindset to all of the different things running through your head. Focusing is the key to manifesting your desires – Stephen Richards’


Monday Thoughtsy: New Chapter, Never-Changing Purpose

In times of uncertainties, you’d really know you have an amazing God when after sending in your real-life angel to reinforce His love and your purpose in this life, he still found way to talk to you in another amazing way. The Daily Bread thoughtsy waiting for me when I got home: about ‘Pressing On’. Thank you, Lord, you’re spoiling me with so much love, will do the same to the people around me. I love you


The First Month that Was

October 3, I was still doubting whether or not my first day will really start. It has been postponed three times. But when I finally saw the sign on the Sales Room that says ‘Welcome New Frabelle Foods Sales Force’ and saw it jampacked with people with some that have that ‘neophyte’ look, wow, I know it’s game on and this is really is it.

I’ve been praying so hard for this and looking back at my ‘notes’, this is a blessing and an answered prayed, indeed.

Day 1:

Thank you so much, Lord, for this wonderful start. I know you really put me here and I’m accepting this with all my heart. Thank you sincerely, Lord, for blessing me with this one. Thank you for all the people who have been a huge part of this bigger plan of Yours. Use me, dear Lord, so I, too, may serve Your purpose. Amen.

Day 2:

I feel so blessed every single second of every day. Thank you so much, Lord. Help me to remain humble at all times. Let me not forget that it is Your heart I am carrying in my life and that Your love is the purpose of my existence.

Let me not forget, Lord, that my deeds reflect on You and on my parents and that Your kindness and peace should always be the deeds I am extending to others. I love you so much, Lord. Thank you for loving me this much.

Day 3:

Time moved sooo slooooowly today and I just contented myself sipping coffee one cup after another. For the last two days, Grace had been my companion. Just like Lola and Crea, she walks me to the spot where I can ride my way home. And now Lance and then Joan. Cheers to Day 3’s friendliness.

Day 4:

I think I crossed some line today. I can’t help but be grateful for the trainings and opportunities my former company and bosses have given me. I appreciate and miss them more. I miss our sales people. I miss my friends. But I have to accept that this is my reality now. And I have to adjust. Good thing I already know the power of silence and just keep my negative thoughts with me.

Forgive me, Lord, and thank you for overpowering my bad thoughts with Your wisdom, kindness and love.

Day 5:

The training was very humbling. At first I was comparing it to the trainings we had at my previous company. I even texted one of the bosses to let him know how much I appreciate the trainings and the modules I have been a part of.

I am happy to inform him that I am already beginning my success story in my company now and he is very generous enough to say kind words and extend help in case I need one. I am more than inspired.

As we go along the day, I realized I may know advance sales trainings but right now, we are all beginners and that’s where I need to begin – from the start. So even if I’m sure I already know the things being discussed, I changed my mindset. I emptied those knowledge and open my mind to what’s being discussed. And then I focused and got inspired even more.

I realized, I really need to let go of the past for me to have a good grip of the present. I learned. And I should always remember that only they gave me this chance, this rare opportunity to start anew and to change my path so I owe this to them big time and I should really really appreciate and put more value to the things they are imparting on me as a sales person and as a person.

Be humble and learn. I only have to remember that lowest point in my life for me to never ever have a chance to lift these feet on the ground.

Day 6:

I’ve been seeing signs that this is really the company for me: fieldwork (my passion) and Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato with extra Caramel Drizzle (my fave) plus Vitamin C from the bosses given to us with love. What could get better than this?

Day 7:

The training was so inspiring. The more I embrace it, the more reasons I find why this is the company I really see myself growing old with. The company and the people honor God, they value family, they respect each and every one, they understand quality time with the loved ones and most of all, they want us all to WORK with a HEART.

November 3. What I learned in that first week, I applied and I am still applying in my day-to-day interactions. My first month was a total blast! My love for God is growing every single day, my family is happy because of the blessings that came pouring nonstop, I have good relationship with my colleagues, I still have time to do the things I love and not cut the connections and communications with people who I now treat not as mere friends but as my dearly precious ones.

Above all these, I love what I’m doing because I work with my heart. Cheers to more blissful and blessed months! Love, Rikki